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5th Sep 18

Colin Kaepernick "Dreams Crazy" with Nike

In support of his protest, Nike stands by Kaepernick in new 'Just Do It.' Ad

8th Jul 18

Terry Crews Taking On Hollywood

Terry Crews shows his bravery by taking on the Hollywood elites.

7th Jun 18

Kim Kardashian wins clemency case for Alice Johnson

President Donald J. Trump grants clemency for the 63 year old grandmother after Kardashian campaign.

5th May 18

Kanye West Invited to African Slave Ports

A Nigerian lawmaker has invited Kanye West to slave ports following his controversial comments

18th Jan 18

‘The World’s Gone Mad,’ Mental Health and The Presidency

We explore the important topic of Mental Health in society following President Trump's tweets.

12th Jan 18

For A Day: If I Were Donald Trump

An opinion piece on the leader of the Free World.

11th Jan 18

Royal Couple Make First Official Visit of the Year To South London

Everyone's favourite couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave a lasting impression at Reprezent.

12th Dec 17

The World Unites Against Slave Trade In Libya

Understanding the slavery situation in Libya.

1st Dec 17

Joyner Lucas Drops Powerful Video, "I'm Not Racist"

Joyner Lucas isn't new to the world of emotive music videos but 'I'm Not Racist' Trumps the lot

15th Nov 17

Free Meek Mill Rally Incites a Chorus of Dreams and Nightmares

Recently and controversially incarcerated Meek Mill inspires a rally with the hope to set him free