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'Power’ Actor Omari Hardwick debuts surprise new single ‘Bloodshed’

The actor switches lanes and reveals his secret spoken word talents to the world.

19th Jan 2017

Image Credit: Starz

Omari Hardwick is best known for his acting prowess on Curtis Jackson’s addictive New York drug dealing series titled ‘Power’

The 43-year-old plays the lead character James St Patrick who leads a double live as a club business owner and a big time drug kingpin who goes by the monimer ‘Ghost.’ Three series in, the show has seen mega success with season three’s debut episode smashing the Starz network ratings record with over 2.26 million viewers. Produced by Curtis Jackson A.K.A 50 Cent who has been vocal about how the series is massively underrated by the mainstream compared to the likes of rival series such Empire, Power has carved its own lane and has a cult following among its watchers and is set for even more growth worldwide now that it is available on Netflix.

This year, Hardwick has taken a step away from shooting season four and has decided to release a hard – hitting track addressing gun violence, police brutality and racism. At a time when the US seems more divided now than ever before, the song’s release has come at a very appropriate time. Hardwick is no stranger to music, in 2002 he released a 16 – track album called ‘Return of the Poet.’ And that is exactly what he describes himself as; a poet. In an interview with Vibe Magazine the Georgia native revealed: ‘As a poet, I would always hear emcees come up to me and say, ‘Yo, you should rap,’ and I was like, ‘No.’ You know, the label was tough for me.’

Hardwick flows rhythmically over the beat revealing some of his deepest and most personal experiences which he admits he has kept secret from his fans. He openly revealed why the song is titled ‘Bloodshed,’ describing the pain of losing his son to gun violence within the two-month space of finding out his father had been shot ten times. On this collaboration with singer/songwriter Josiah Bell, the actor – come musician gives us an insight into his life experiences and throws the weight of his shoulders through true artistry.

Follow the Soundcloud link posted below to hear this moving track:

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