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Hip Hop The Crackle

24th Nov 17

The Crackle: Bluørangee Pushes the Boundaries of Beats

We talk music and experimentation with the Italian producer

27th Oct 17

The Crackle: Mastering Many Styles with [offbeatninja]

We chop it up with the Floridian triple threat

3rd Oct 17

The Crackle: More Beats > Less Sleep is More Than a Collective

Breaking it down with Reasone, Blak Moth and Chameleon Sessions

24th Aug 17

The Crackle: Nostalgic Feels with Mei

Riding the .wavs with the Cyber Princess

24th Jul 17

The Crackle: Leem Lizzy’s Smooth as Butter Beats

The ATL producer graces us with an exclusive mix and interview.

28th Jun 17

The Crackle: Following the Funk with Shungu

We sat down with Shungu, a funk-infused underground producer from Belgium.

22nd May 17

The Crackle: STLNDRMS is all about Love

Introducing producer STLNDRMS in the latest issue of The Crackle.

26th Apr 17

The Crackle: Akai $olo and The Rise of Truth

In this issue of the Crackle we spoke to Brooklyn rapper Akai Solo about art and duality.

6th Apr 17

Rude Kid Encourages Grime Producers To “Get Out There More”

Read our exclusive interview with legendary Grime producer Rude Kid.

27th Mar 17

The Crackle: What does it take to build a scene? We find out with TreeRoot's Kahsun

Meet Kahsun, one half of the team behind TreeRoot Collective and founder of Mind Capsule.