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Including Black Lives Matter and Gender Equality

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30th Jul 18

Demi Lovato And Celebrity Drug Addiction

The media response to Demi Lovato’s suspected drug overdose has been insensitive and stigmatising.

8th Jul 18

Terry Crews Taking On Hollywood

Terry Crews shows his bravery by taking on the Hollywood elites.

28th Jun 18

Meek Mill - Stay Woke Review

Meek Mill goes off on his first offering since being released from prison.

7th Jun 18

Kim Kardashian wins clemency case for Alice Johnson

President Donald J. Trump grants clemency for the 63 year old grandmother after Kardashian campaign.

25th Apr 18

Hip Hop World Reacts To Meek Mill's Release From Prison

The Philly rapper is back home after being released on unsecured bail.

14th Apr 18

London Knife Crime: We have to be accountable for our community

Someone once told me that my town is dying, and its dying because of me.

2nd Apr 18

The Entertainment World Pays Tribute To Activist Winnie Mandela

The world has lost one of its greatest fighters.

19th Feb 18

Introducing Artist Amara La Negra, The Afro Latina Mystery

Find out more about Afro Dominican artist Amara La Negra and why she's been making headlines

18th Jan 18

‘The World’s Gone Mad,’ Mental Health and The Presidency

We explore the important topic of Mental Health in society following President Trump's tweets.

1st Dec 17

Joyner Lucas Drops Powerful Video, "I'm Not Racist"

Joyner Lucas isn't new to the world of emotive music videos but 'I'm Not Racist' Trumps the lot