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Protoje and the Indiggnation light up London 02 Shepherd’s Bush

Read all about Protoje and The Indiggnation's memorable night of Reggae in the Capital.

22nd May 2017

Image Credit: Martei Korley

On the final leg of their UK tour Protoje and the In Digg Nation brought a memorable show to the Capital following a host of performances around the country.

Having brought sunny vibes to UK cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol on previous nights, the London crowd awaited a special night of Reggae at the 02 Empire Shepherd’s Bush. The show did not disappoint, with a whole host of musical talent including the next generation of Jamaican artists Sevana and Lile Ike sharing the stage with the main man Protoje, leader of the Reggae Revival.

The Indiggnation

A diverse crowd of around 2000 music fans filled the room and were initially greeted by the tropical vibes brought by BBC 1XTRA Reggae DJ Seani B, who reminded the crowd that he grew up in the area and sees it as his duty to represent Reggae culture over in the UK. The legendary DJ unified the crowd in song, playing a range of Jamaican sounds from upbeat Dancehall tracks to Reggae classics such as Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t Worry About A Thing.’

The vibrant London crowd were treated to an insight of the future of Jamaican music. The beatiful and wonderfully talented Sevana stunned the crowd performing a number of her own songs including ‘Bit Too Shy’ off her self-titled EP released last summer. The London crowd embraced her as she opened for Protoje and the young singer certainly dazzled the audience with the purity of her tone.

One of Protoje’s prodigies who he allegedly signed after hearing her sing for just five seconds, the singer would go on to perform on his track ‘Sudden Flight’ which she and Jesse Royal feature on. She also treated Londoners to an intimate acoustic show the following week after the show. Her tracks ‘Bit Too Shy’ and ‘Chant It’ not only show off her wonderful vocal range but her songwriting abilities which allowed her to connect with the London audience – her first time in the UK, the crowd could tell the Jamaican was enjoying every moment.

The colourful stage lighting and live band set the perfect scene for Protoje’s arrival onstage. The colours yellow, green and black were proudly displayed all over the arena. As Protoje came on stage there was an eruption of noise from the crowd. The man put on a non-stop energetic performance along with his back up singers who did not stop singing and dancing all night. Impressing with his unique style of Reggae Rap Protoje performed songs such as his latest track ‘Blood Money’ – a profound social commentary on issues such as corruption in Jamaica. Before performing the track he made a short statement on the power of music to address important social issues.

In our interview with the Jamaican artist after the show, he revealed that growing up he always wanted to be a rapper and that Snoop Dogg’s ‘Doggystyle’ was the first album he bought, the Hip Hop influence is evident with his silky flow and profound lyrics which blends into his eclectic Reggae sound.

Fully committed to the future of Jamaican music, Protoje shared the stage with another one of his In Digg Nation’s prodigies, Lila Ike. The young Jamaican impressed the UK crowd by performing her first official track ‘Biggest Fan’ an ode to her mother and a track actually produced by Protoje himself. By the end of the night, there was a full on party onstage with both Lila and Sevana dancing onstage while Protoje lifted the crowd through his energy.

The most iconic moment of the night came when Protoje performed his hit song ‘Who Knows’ featuring Chronixxx. It was the song that everybody was waiting for and the crowd sung in unison. Positive vibes filled the room as the crowd echoed the recognisable lyrics of Prodigy’s anthem.

A wonderful occasion which was matched by glorious sunshine throughout the day, the Reggae Revival made for an iconic moment in the capital. A fantastic end to the UK leg of the Blxxdclart tour, look out for our interview with Protoje coming soon.

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