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Pusha T sits down with Pharrell to discuss his new album

Pusha T unveiled details about his upcoming project, “King Push” on Beats 1 Radio’s OTHERtone.

3rd Apr 2017

Image Credit: FACT Magazine

Pusha T unveiled new details about his upcoming project, “King Push” on Beats 1 Radio’s “OTHERtone” with Pharrell and Scott Vener. Pusha was accompanied by fellow Virginia natives Fam-Lay and D.R.A.M. on Sunday (April 2nd)’s episode 41 of the show.

Pusha T said “I'm working on my album right now, it's entitled King Push.” The LP will be a follow up to 2015’s “King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude. Pusha continued: “I just left Pharrell yesterday, so I'm just waiting on him to give me these last couple heat rocks.”

The artist said that he felt it was time to get back in the studio after he spent the majority of 2016 helping Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He continued: “I spent all of 2016 trying to free my people, and we took the L on that with the Hillary campaign, it's cool … but it's rap time, and that's what it is. No haircut. No face cut. No nothing. It's just what we're doing.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Pharrell himself described the LP as “crazy … something gargoyle-ish.”. He also praised Pusha by saying “He uses all those words to make the colors that Lex Luger does beat-wise. That’s fascinating to me that, where I come from, there are people walking around with those kind of thoughts every day.” Pusha proceeded to praise Pharrell’s rap skills and the duo delved into the history and future of Virginia’s rap scene.

There’s still no release date for the album but earlier this year Pusha T released the track “Enough” featuring Flume. King Push will also be featured on Gorillaz’s upcoming Humanz album.

Listen to King Push’s “Enough”, featuring Flume here:

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