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Recognising Rihanna On International Women's Day

We recognise Rihanna, one of the world's most inspiring artists on International Women's Day.

8th Mar 2018

Today is International Women’s day, and our focus is on Robin 'Rihanna' Fenty AKA Pop sensation Rihanna.

In years past, Rihanna has positively used her fame to further her charity work. In 2017 she was named ‘Harvard’s Humanitarian of the year.’ Rihanna has charitably built a state of the art centre for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in her native Bridgetown, Barbados. As a champion for women’s rights, Rihanna also established the Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012. The non-profit charity fights to “improve the quality of life for communities globally in the areas of health, education, arts and culture.” The foundation creates scholarships, partners with various corporations, and holds fundraising events to provide necessary resources to deprived areas.

Rihanna’s global impact transcends music, fashion and popular culture. Her humanitarian efforts mirror her successful musical career, accelerating at a record pace with over two hundred and thirty records sold. Rihanna supports over twenty-four charity organisations, ranging from ‘Alzheimer’s Association’ to ‘Save the Children.” Alongside this, Rihanna has performed at multiple concerts to raise money for environmental disasters and awareness of environmental issues including climate change. Rihanna’s generosity and hard work elevate her female-power status, and rightfully so.

Rihanna has also proved herself as a business woman with her very own beauty brand ‘Fenty Beauty’. Adjacent to this, Rihanna has set up a partnership with Puma and has completely changed the way young women are interpreting fashion. In a statement with W magazine, the singer commented on how she wanted to make her fashion line accessible and inclusive affirming that “I want to make things for all body types. That was very intentional when I first started, even back with River Island. With [Fenty x Puma], I have so much freedom. I want everybody in my crew to have something.

You don't just design for yourself. You use your taste as the muse of everything

'You don't just design for yourself. You use your taste as the muse of everything. I like to play around with silhouettes. Trust me, I could always use a good fat day outfit. I like to be comfortable.' Her ability to flaunt her Sartorial excellence is to be admired. She has forced her partnered fashion labels to consider women’s bodies and to reject traditional feminine labels by marketing her ‘Fenty Puma’ range with heavy androgynous clothing.

Time magazine named Rihanna as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She received the first ever Icon Award. In the year 2014, Rihanna received the Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Remarkably, Rihanna keeps giving despite her own personal trauma of domestic violence. Her story is one of success and bravery, which is why Rihanna deserves our attention this International Women’s day.

From her hilarious antics which end up with her being the face of every meme on Instagram to her consistent chart success, not to mention that intriguing dating history - Rihanna is a true icon and someone who inspires all on International Women's Day.

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