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Rejjie Snow Gets Political On His New Track 'Crooked Cops'

The Irish Rapper returns with a politically charged new song

19th Jan 2017

Hip hop has so much to thank Blaxploitation films for.

For those unfamiliar with Blaxploitation (watch the film 'Jackie Brown'), it is a sub-genre of film from the 70s aimed at mostly black people which gives a glimpse into African-American life but in a quite dramatic and stylistic way. It has not merely served as sample bank for many pieces of music, but also as frequent inspiration to black artists creating vivid pictures of the issues which plague black communities. Now hip-hop can thank Blaxploitation movies for Rejjie Snow’s new track 'Crooked Cops.' The Irish rapper was so motivated that it took him just thirty minutes to pen down this self-proclaimed "anthem" for the people against police brutality. Rejjie is clearly evolving and he is consciously veering towards a more political direction. Crooked Cops alone stands-out as a quite provocative statement being released on the eve of the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

The President-Elect embraces the ‘All Lives Matter’ position within the police brutality debate and supports increased policing within inner cities and troubled neighbourhoods instead of comprehensive steps to reduce the cyclical pattern of the mass incarceration of minorities.

Many fear the lack of education and opportunity within disadvantaged neighbourhoods as well as the incarceration fees (known as 'pay to stay') which feed ex-convicts back into a biased system will not change and Snow like others is well aware of that. Lines such as ‘Public enemy, my felony was being black as fuck’ ring out strongly within the song. He sounds inflicted with rage and frustration as he passionately rails against police abuse and brutality.

His new album ‘Dear Annie’ is marked for an early 2017 release and from the information Rejjie has given about it so far, this album is going to be a more statement-driven piece than his last ep ‘Rejovich’. On top of his upcoming album he has also released information about a new art project featuring Joey Bada$$ called 'The Moon In You' which will be a short film containing a lot of poetry so we can expect a lot more great content from Rejjie in 2017.

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