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Relationship Goals? Meek and Nicki’s split reveals truth about Celeb Love

Nicki Minaj confirmed her split with Meek Mill, turning her attention to her upcoming album.

5th Jan 2017

Image Credit: GQ

Another publicity stunt? We wouldn’t blame you for thinking so but it seems like this time it’s the real deal folks.

Following some Instagram shenanigans in December 2016 when Nicki cryptically tweeted: ‘Thank God you blew it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I’m so over you.’ And her boyfriend ex Meek Mill posted a picture of the derriere of a mysterious woman who eagle eyed fans realised was not Nicki Minaj, suspicions grew that the celebrity couple may be having some issues. Meek then deleted his Instagram which led some to speculate that it could be a publicity stunt but it was clear that something was up between the pair.

‘Not Even when she tell him that they better as friends’

The timing is ironic. Rap rival ‘Drizzy’ Drake recently retired the song ‘Back to Back’ in which he taunts Meek about his doomed relationship with Nicki claiming he would not perform the song again after 2016. Now it has emerged that the pair are no longer together and it really does beg the question: Can celebrity couples really last? With the pressure of fame, all invading paparazzi, world tours where they spend time so far apart and the world being generally so involved in something as personal as a relationship, do they really stand a chance? The pictures and memes say it all really – these celebrity couples are fulfilling societal ideals. We root for them as fans – two beautiful people looking lovely and happy; however, the public image masks the true difficulties and hardships of any relationship and these challenges are magnified when under such extreme pressures that famous people encounter on a daily basis.

The relationship goals tag on Instagram is a popular one for a reason. In a virtual world where everyone seems so perfect from their hair, to their skin, to their bodies and to relationships; it’s very easy to lose touch with reality. Granted there are some very successful celebrity couples such as Posh and Becks but it’s not like they did not have their ups and downs and they both had to deal with the pressures of fame together and the effect that this would have on their children. The other side of the coin is publicity stunts. These truly highlight the fakery in Hollywood – celebrities who get together with the sole aim of raising their clout or making the headlines. These accusations have been directed towards Rob and Blacc Chyna whose surprise ‘love’ story made for very good reality TV and even Drake and J Lo who are rumoured to be working on new music together. Of course, some of these celebrities cannot help if they are linked together; Hollywood is like High School – one picture of two people holding and the rumour mill begins to wind.

One notable thing about Meek and Nicki’s break up is the accusations of infidelity. Celebrities are yet again in a unique position when it comes to this. In an industry which glorifies players Meek Mill is often surrounded by beautiful women in his music videos and not only is he under massive scrutiny by the press to remain loyal, Nicki is also under extreme pressure to remain secure and see these other women not as competition but as part of her man’s rap persona. The average person will never truly understand the temptation Meek Mill may have backstage after a concert or even Nicki whose appeal mainly comes from the fact that she presents herself as such a confident, sexy and of course talented woman – this of course could bring some jealousy from Meek Mill as she is a global sex symbol. Any infidelity will be exposed to the public sphere and it’s no surprise that sites like Shade Room and Baller Alert often post pictures of young women in bed with sports stars or rappers while they are still sleeping. A good example of this was Usain Bolt in summer 2016, numerous outlets exposed his infidelity after he made history with his ‘triple triple’ Olympic Gold record and whilst these sensational stories rake in likes and clicks for the week, the long term impact on the relationship with his fiancé is completely disregarded. Of course these celebrities know this and still take that risk but it is still poignant that the world is literally set up against them.

Brangelina are undergoing a fierce divorce battle

Infidelity: When Life Gives You Lemons make ‘Lemonade’

The couple who were best able to convert infidelity into profit are Jay Z and Beyonce. The amazing yet personal ‘Lemonade’ visual album last year revealed the apparent struggles of Beyonce’s marriage due to Jay Z’s infidelity. However, people were quick to highlight that Beyonce had many song writers and perhaps the album was a representation of the difficulties of relationships and revealed experiences that may not be personal to Beyonce – the shock value however, raked in Tidal subscriptions and of course a lot of profit for the multimillion dollar pair. The album, which was admittedly one of a kind, is likely to take the Grammys by storm this year.

Interestingly, before Lemonade was dropped there were rumours of Jay Z and Beyonce splitting but it makes you question where these rumours are coming from. It highlights the scrutiny that celebrity couples are under by the media. This again was emphasised in 2016 when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (the world’s favourite couple) announced that they’d be filing for divorce. Horrible details about abuse of children and an ugly custody battle emerged but this goes to show that relationships aren’t always perfect – even if they appear to be on the outside. A lot of people in the Hip Hop world lost hope when Tiny and TI announced their split but Brangelina breaking up really does show that romance can die – they were a universally known and loved couple and a real marker of pop culture who appeared perfect.

Overall, relationships are complex and love is irrational. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t but because we idolise these celebrities and root for them like fans it’s all the more shocking when they announce their break ups; however, when you consider all the unique challenges a celebrity couple has to face in order to be happy, you quickly realise it’s a lot harder than it looks.

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