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Rick Ross balls on Trump in ‘Kyrie’ single

Rozay dishes out some bars with a fresh banger track.

13th Nov 2016

Rick Ross was recently featured on a remix of Solange’s ‘Crane’s in the Sky’, and now continues to keep his buzz with a new track titled ‘Kyrie’.

Starting in a big way with the line “Bitches screamin’ for me like Beyonce / jumpin’ out the gym like it’s Lebron James”, Ross looks to grab your attention with relevant topics and sounds. After mentioning names like Steph Curry and of course Kyrie Irving, Rick Ross helps himself to piling onto President-elect Trump with the line “I see you fucking up like you a Donald Trump / I cast a vote and get a pussy nigga slumped.”

Though there is plenty to be pleased by with this song, we can’t sincerely say Rick Ross is bringing a whole lot of new content to the table. Rozay resorts to using the “work” ad-lib several times, perhaps making up for a hook that seriously lacks catchiness.

With that being said, Ross is still delivering lyrics that should please hip-hop fans. You can certainly feel the power behind some of the bars like “Got Puffy on the phone talkin’ a quarter bill” and “Money in my pocket, boy I’m number one for real.” Whatever the case, Rick Ross has earned his spot as an OG in the game and looks to continue his legacy.

Judge the Maybach Music song for yourself.

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