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Romderful tours Asia and releases new music

The producer explores the world and unveils a summer smash.

1st Jul 2017

Romderful is enjoying life right now, exploring the beautiful continent of Asia and experimenting with new music.

The twenty-one-year-old producer expressed his excitement on Twitter, stating: ‘I actually love China wtf. Y’all got me semi gassed haha. Got some form of confidence back!’ Announcing to fans a handful of tour dates through the continent in hotspots such as Shanghai, Beijiing and Seoul, he’s also blessed us with some new music.

The track produced by Romderful is called ‘Magic’ and features a soul singer called Rayana Jay on the vocals. The bouncy number will have your head rocking but your mind contemplating as she questions the man she’s fallen for throughout the song.

Love is a theme many can relate to, and one that producer Romderful is not shy of making music about, the experimental production gives the track great replay value.

Enjoy the supreme sounds of ROMderful below:

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