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In Focus: Sabrina Claudio

A young voice filled with years of experience.

30th Oct 2017


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Sabrina Claudio became incredibly popular through her eponymous YouTube channel and SoundCloud, where she posted covers of popular artists such as Beyoncé and Willow Smith in 2012.

Right after the release of Sabrina Claudio’s anticipated new project, “About Time,” the follow up to her breakout 2016 EP “Confidently Lost,” she was officially introduced by James Corden and Zane Lowe to “The Late Late Show” early this week.

Now rising to fame, Sabrina is known for the exotic nature of her music that expresses years’ worth of valued information on self-reflection. Notably during an interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1 Apple Music, Sabrina expressed that the experience expressed in her music is more than just her own, stating that “most of [her] friends are in their thirties” and that she sees’ herself as more of a storyteller through music as she hasn’t “lived enough”.

The singer-songwriter performed a medley of 'Confidently Lost' and 'Belong to You' to act as a part of the Apple Music Next series. And as expected, Sabrina met the hype of the occasion with an effortlessly seductive performance, her silver dress expressing the subtleness of that soft beauty that resonated from her voice. With this Claudio was unnervingly exceptional, perfectly supporting the themes of self-love, humility and acceptance that permeate the lyrics of her songs.

Watch her sumptuous performance below:

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