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Sampha Comes of Age With His Heartfelt, Emotional 'Process'

He has worked with all the greats. With this project he can be proud to call himself one of them.

3rd Feb 2017

Image Credit: Shoes Up

The darling of futuristic RnB has worked with the greatest artists in the world. With this project he can be proud to keep company with them.

It’s been a beautiful, rare, emotional story for the UK’s Sampha. The heights include working with the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean on some of the most iconic tracks over the past five years. The lows come with the tragic passing of his mother and the emotional grief attached to it. The shy, reserved bedroom producer who barely even sang on his first EP has spent a years on this debut full length album. At a time where people are obsessed with speed and high turn over, it is refreshing to see this biographical album surface. The 10 song project is the result of years of work and you can really feel it. The rich instrumentation on songs such as ‘No One Knows Me (Like The Piano)’ and the reflective timbre throughout the entire project makes it one of our favourite in a very long time. This is a lush, accomplished, career making album.

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