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Shakka Releases An Emotional Video For “Don’t Call Me”

The video, directed by Asylum 33, sees Shakka battling between the present and painful flashbacks.

21st Jan 2017


Shakka turns his popular track 'Don't Call Me' into an intimate video.

The West London artist rounded up 2016 powerfully, with his new EP ‘The Island’ showcasing his talent. He opened up the new year with the same drive and ambition with his new video for ‘Don’t Call Me’.

The video, directed by Asylum 33, sees Shakka battling himself and switching between present and flashbacks to emotional trauma. Explaining the creative process behind the collaboration, he said “for some reason, I'm the one in my friendship group that people confide in with relationship trouble. 'He did this.' 'She slept with this one.' Etc. So when I wrote 'Don't Call Me', it came from emotions I felt when hearing these stories. So not another break-up. When it came to working with Asylum, the whole thing felt like cooking in a house with uni flatmates. Instead of worrying if the director and me wouldn't see eye to eye, putting this video together felt natural."

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