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Shia Labeouf's breakthrough rap-verse and potential victims

Could you diss the biggest names in hip-hop if you had the chance?

15th Nov 2016

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Actor Shia Labeouf, known for his role in films like ‘Holes’, ‘Indiana Jones’, and ‘Transformers’, stopped by Sway in the Morning for his first time and showed off his Hip-Hop expertise.

Shia made an appearance at the highly-acclaimed radio show, with virtually no product to promote. After receiving his grand introduction from Sway, LaBeouf revealed that it was a dream of his to come and do the growingly-famous ‘5 Fingers of Death’ rap segment, and had actually “earned” his way on to it by sending an email to Sway of himself freestyling.

Shia had made it clear rather quickly that he was a student of hip-hop. Explaining that he grew up after Wu-Tang and before Eminem, he had studied the game during the era of artists like Timbaland, Dipset, Kanye, and Dj Premier. Sway even called Premier live on the air so Shia could get the chance to speak to one of his idols. As for the origin of his passion, he clarified that while he was growing up, hip-hop was his first love before acting, where acting was just a method of getting out of his own proverbial ‘trap’.

Shia shoots at Lil Yachty and Drake?

After close to a half-hour of spewing his hip-hop knowledge and bits of his life story, he was completely ready to get some bars off his chest. Right before going in, he confirmed that he does have tattoos of his favorite artists, Tupac, Biggie, and Missy (Elliot). As the beat dropped he stepped up with the lines “Get ready, get set, this a meme / This is wild, this a childhood dream”, before he would continue to set the studio on fire.

Though Shia’s fluidity was not perfect, that may have been because he was possibly switching between a freestyle and written words. Whether free flowing or premeditated, a couple of lines from the segment have created additional conversation. Expressing “Where’d the spitters go? Garbage litter shit they wrote.” and continuing with “Miss me with that Lil Boat… Sinking’ with the hippie’s hope”.

He would then go on to reference ‘October’ before saying “Who wrote what for who? It’s all so below par”, likely referencing the drama between Meek Mill and ‘October’s Very Own’, Drake. Though he probably meant everything he said, he also would go on to reference himself as the “Jewish Pac”, as well as compare himself to names such as Walt Whitman, Henry Higgins, and Einstein.

Let us not forget that in 2015 a video of Shia Labeouf freestyling with some teenagers had went viral. In that same freestyle he had claimed he was the “best to do this since 2pac was doing music”. This just goes to show that what comes out during a freestyle may be bold, and may hold little truth. Regardless, it’s fun to have an opinion and it only adds to the discussio

Sway had blessed Shia with some kind words earlier in the interview while giving his perspective on hip-hop. “(Hip-hop) is a platform for the disenfranchised who want to effectively cause change and move the culture forward… You can tell by the way he moves, at the core of it, he has a hip hop spirit.” So whether you agree or disagree with Shia’s perspective on current artists, you can trust that he at least has a clue, and you can certainly appreciate his rapping ability.

Shia LaBeouf; Hollywood actor. For the culture. Keakie approved.

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