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Snoop Dogg vs Trump sparked on social media after controversial music video

The President called for Snoop's arrest after his latest video portrayed an assassination attempt.

16th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Rap Up

Only in 2017 will the President Of The United States engage in a vicious Twitter beef with an iconic West Coast Rapper.

The two men crossed spheres following Snoop Dogg’s controversial music video for the song ‘Lavender,’ a remix of the original song by the band BADNOTGOOD, depicted a clown called Ronald Klump which strongly resembled President Trump being assassinated by the rapper. There was outrage from the Trump administration, with the President’s lawyer calling for Snoop Dogg to apologise and counter backlash from the Hip Hop world with many artists such as fellow rapper T.I. defending Snoop Dogg’s artistic expression and right to protest. The video is quite funny but it is certainly incendiary with its apparent assassination attempt and was clearly made to provoke some sort of reaction. Clearly, Snoop Dogg is not an advocate for anything that the Trump administration represents and has used his Instagram account many times to diss the President. He even went as far as to challenge any black artist to perform at Trump’s inauguration and see what he would do.

Never the most popular President amongst the Hip Hop community, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama who was considered the first ‘Hip Hop President,’ Trump has managed to anger the likes of Snoop Dogg, T.I and YG who even went as far as to write the song ‘F*ck Donald Trump which became an anthem for anti – Trump protests worldwide. Hip Hop is rooted in political expression and the concept of Snoop’s latest video has many socio-political references such as police brutality but is done in a satirical and light hearted way. Of course, President Trump took to Twitter to overreact, labelling Snoop Dogg as having a ‘failing career.’ On Twitter the President wrote: ‘Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!’

Funnily enough, Trump effectively highlights the media’s hypocrisy despite himself being one of the most hypocritical figures of all time. Although artistic expression and protest is something to be encouraged, artists know how much power they hold to influence their followers. If President Donald Trump were to be assassinated tomorrow due to an impressionable teen being inspired by the video, wouldn’t Snoop Dogg have to take some responsibility for his death? Furthermore, there is a deep hypocrisy shown here by the liberal media – like any social issue in America, we cannot ignore the racial context of this video. If Eminem, another legend in the rap game who happens to be a white rapper, were to depict himself assassinating America’s first black President, Barack Obama then there would be national outrage and most likely calls of racism (some would argue that Eminem has depicted far worse in his previous music videos). However, rightly or wrongly because the butt of the joke is Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg’s actions are seen as noble despite him clearly depicting the assassination of a US President.

Trump is by no means perfect but the liberal media loses a lot of integrity by allowing their hypocrisy to be exposed in this way – it is irresponsible to hold one politician to one standard and then another one to a completely different standard, especially when their tenures are so close together. When Trump does or says absolutely anything there is outcry but these same standards aren’t held to previous Presidents who at times behave in a similar way albeit less brash. For months, there was speculation surrounding Trump’s tax returns but yesterday it was revealed Trump actually paid 25% tax rate in 2005, that’s more than Bernie Sanders who paid at 13.5% and President Barack Obama at 18.7% in 2015 - the media went pretty quiet on the revelations once they didn’t work in their favour. Most controversially, Trump’s travel ban titled ‘the Muslim ban’ (which was no doubt a flawed policy) sparked international protests for being such an ignorant blanket policy; however, many liberals ignore the fact President Barack Obama imposed a similar but less severe 6 month refugee ban in 2011 which essentially went under the radar.

Overall, Snoop Dogg’s career certainly is not failing like Trump suggested. The pop culture icon is worth $143m, has a cooking show with Martha Stewart and has evolved from a Hip Hop legend to one of the world’s most loved celebrities in the world. The back and forth social media entertainment with Trump will most likely continue but he will be hailed as a legend for releasing that video. As a Hip Hop artist, we expect him to use his platform and artistry to protest and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s just important to highlight the double standards when it comes to how we view different Presidents. Perhaps this is because Trump is unlike any other President we have seen before in his style and content. Trump certainly does not need defending but any video depicting a Presidential assassination attempt is always going to come under heavy scrutiny, even if it’s hilarious – Ronald Klump; now that’s genius.

Did Snoop Dogg go too far? Watch the video below:

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