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Soulection Star Emmavie returns with double release featuring ROM and Sivey

Emmavie surprises fans with two hot new singles.

2nd Feb 2017

Emmavie had possibly one of the best starts to 2017 supporting her idol RnB legend Jon B in her hometown London at the Jazz Café.

Now she has surprised fans with two new releases. The first track is a smooth RnB number produced by fellow Soulection stars ROM (who has previously collaborated with her on the track ‘You Love Em’) and Soundcloud Superstar Jarreau Vandal. The catchy track focuses on a dangerous love story; a woman lusting over a man who does not treat her right. The track transcends from smooth to powerful and by the end there is a smooth infusion of vocals as the chorus repeats the words, ‘It’s murder, it’s murder’ making something that is so dangerous somehow seem sweet and enticing.

The second track that the neo soul singer/songwriter and producer is featured on is called ‘Moving On’ by Sivey. It’s an eclectic track with a psychedelic vibe and laced with Emmavie’s vocals makes for perfect late night listening. Both tracks are featured on the new Soulection compilation ‘Promise Once More.’

Have a listen to both tracks below:

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