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South London Singer James Vickery Releases New Single ‘Alone’

If this is anything to go by, his upcoming EP will be incredible.

30th Aug 2017

James Vickery

British singer-songwriter James Vickery flexes his vocals on soulful new single ‘Alone’ Ahead of his forthcoming EP ‘Complexion.

The 22-year-old singer gifted us with a new track - fusing Electronic and R&B production, with expressive singing into a smooth and soulful hit. James Vickery is singer-songwriter from South London, beginning to make his mark in the industry with his innovative and developing sound. Blending the soulful voice he possesses with electronic production, James has created a fresh take on conventional genre’s with his latest releases.

Starting his year off with a bang, the talented singer dropped the chilled-out and emotional single ‘Lately’. The song was co-written by Maths Time Joy, and debut his uniquely silky vocals over bouncy production. The song was quick to attract an audience as it peaked at #7 on the Spotify UK’s Viral Chart and has impressively gained over half a million streams since its February release.

Fast forward a few months, and the independent artist has released the first of three singles leading up to his next EP, this one is titled ‘Alone’. The track impressively draws influence from old school R&B and effortlessly transforms them into a modern day hit. James’ addictive vocals reach their skillful peak throughout the song, and his passion and pain is made prevalent as he voices his loneliness after losing a possible love interest.

The single is already seeing success as it’s been listed in Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist. Two more singles are expected to follow, leading up to the release of his forthcoming EP ‘Complexion’, and hopes are high as James continues to impress.

Join James as he tells his tale on his new single ‘Alone’ on Spotify below:

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