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Steel Banglez drafts in Mostack, WSTRN, MIST and Abracabara for “Money”

After months of teasing his debut single it is finally here, and was it worth the wait.

9th Mar 2017

Image Credit: BBC

MoStack, Mist, Haile and Abra Cadabra completely murder their latest track 'Money'. If at first there were questions about how the artists would gel together in this super collaboration, those questions have been answered in full. If you have squad goals, these guys should definitely serve as an inspiration.

As soon as ‘Steel Banglez’ drops the beat you will instantly slump down in your chair and think that this track is mad to the point you have to rewind the track and turn it up to full volume and annihilate your speakers.

One of London's finest producers, Steel Banglez has stamped his production sound on work by almost everyone over the years; from the likes of Ghetts and Giggs to Big H and K Koke. As a DJ, he's spun for Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul and Busta Rhymes. With the release of his debut single "Money", he's stepping out and putting his name at the front of the track. The theme of the track addresses the financial world. The sound of the track is an absolute banger.

It seems that Banglez never fails to produce the hits. It's a reputation that has led some to call him the UK's answer to DJ Khaled. Given his strong repertoire of hits, they may have a point.

The artist has the support of some very major names in the game. One such figure is the 'Godfather of Grime' Wiley. In a recent interview Banglez spoke candidly about the influence Wiley has had on his career: "I’ve learnt so much from Wiley it’s unbelievable. He’s shown me the business aspects of things, he’s shown me how labels think, MD’s, A&R’s, what kind of sound their looking for, what kind of direction I should go, how I should go about getting myself out there. It’s just endless. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me. I’ve known people around me that are as big as Wiley or have the links, but never really gave me that opportunity. Wiley went out of his way, and he’s got a million people hollering at him and he saw my talent and he just believed in me. He just helped me out in every possible way, and I’ve learnt most probably everything about the music business from Wiley."

As for this track, all you need to do is guard yourself. The level of heat on the beat might just damage your airwaves.

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