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Stefflon Don And Giggs Drop Cheeky Remix For 'Real Ting'

It's finally here and the remix is a banger of course!

27th Jan 2017

Stefflon Don and Giggs have been teasing us for weeks now for this remix and the pair set it off while spraying hard lyrics throughout the whole track.

After recently dropping her debut mixtape 'Real Ting' at the end of 2016, Stefflon Don has shown everyone worldwide that she is the hottest female in the scene right now and no one can be compared to this alpha-female. She calls in 'Mr.Hollowman' Giggs for an epic remix which will no doubt be rinsed out in every single nightclub.

Giggs comes in surrounded by a swarm of beautiful girls and makes clever references to Wookiee, Star Wars, Mad Max and Seattle Gold. As for The Don herself she absolutely snapped on this remix switching up the flow on another level and we can tell you now this remix will make you want to turn up even more than the original.

Check the remix below, its big!

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