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SZA Whets Your Appetite Ahead Of Her Upcoming Album 'CTRL'

Ahead of her upcoming album, SZA has released a trailer titled 'Where The Hell Have You Been'

8th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Cheril Sanchez

SZA is approaching the roll out of her upcoming album in unique fashion.

Yesterday the singer-songwriter rolled out, and on the website she hosted a new video. It was shot and edited by Jason Chandler, Cody Jordan, James Rothman, and Fredo Tovar, and it was called “Where The Hell Have You Been: road to Ctrl.”

The footage tells the story of how the album has been a long journey to create. It's a great 'behind the scenes' peak into the process behind putting an album together and it reminds us of similar footage presented by the likes of J.Cole in the lead up to his latest album. Amidst all of this build up, perhaps the most fascinating thing is that we still don't know the release date of the project. Until then, this sneak peak appears to be as good as it's going to get.

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