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The Adannay Story: Meet The Unsigned Artist On The Rise

Find out more about upcoming UK Soul singer Adannay.

26th Feb 2018 / 41 shares

Adannay makes music that touches the soul.

The 21 year old Soul singer from South London is about to make name for herself with the release of her debut EP called ‘Her Favourite Song.’ Following the successful launch event on Battersea Barge of her debut single, 'Her Favourite Song,' which shares the same title as her EP, Adannay performed onstage with her live band. She was surrounded by her friends and family who have supported her music ever since she picked up her guitar aged 11 and started her musical journey. 

Having been a family friend of Adannay’s for a number of years, my expectation levels were always high given her incredible singing and song writing skills which she had always shown from a precocious age, whether at family parties or events. Now she’s matured as an artist, has honed her craft and is ready to share her talent with the world.  

Adannay’s sound is so refreshing in the current climate of music we find ourselves in. Seamlessly cutting through the ‘Mcdonald’s melodies’ that we typically hear on radio which seem to go through one end and out of the other, Adannay makes melodious music with authenticity and substance.

We unpacked the story behind the lead track from the EP as Adannay explained how pain can breed the most powerful creative sparks. ‘Her Favourite Song was written with me showing how to support a friend when they’re going through a difficult time.’ Adannay wrote part of the song whilst comforting her friend after a difficult break up and following some tragic events in her own life as well which included the unexpected passing of two of our mutual friends. ‘But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel’ Adannay reminds us.

Her Favourite Song was written with me showing how to support a friend when they’re going through a difficult time - Adannay

The video symbolises her positivity, despite the lyrics addressing her deepest and darkest moments which we can all relate to, it is laced with positive moments and happy memories, including her dancing through the streets of London with her cousin.

Adannay reminds us that the message in her music is always open to interpretation: ‘People can interpret it the way they want to interpret it.’ However, one would be hard pressed not to feel her positivity despite the important and often heavy themes her lyrics touch on. The song also passes the catchy test and the chorus is guaranteed to lull in your mind for a while and soothe your soul.

As the video shows, family is important to Adannay. Not only does her cousin feature in the video, she touched on how her Father is her confidant, often advising her about her music and giving her a second opinion. As an independent artist, it’s important that she has people around her she can trust and her family and friends who have supported her musical growth from the beginning have been a massive support ahead of the EP launch.

The future looks bright for Adannay, with the release of her 5 track EP on March 4th she plans to perform more live shows this summer and beyond.

Be sure to grab your tickets for Adannay’s EP launch here and follow her on socials: @AdannayMusic 

Listen to 'Her Favourite Song' below:

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