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The Crackle: Celebrate Women’s History Month with an All-Female Beat Tape

We get all the info on the upcoming project from the tape’s curator.

21st Mar 2018

There is a gross gender imbalance in Hip Hop.

From the Grammy award-winning mainstream artist to the underground musician still on their grind, women face discrimination and hardship at every level of the game. So when Sadiva announced the production of an all-female beat tape, created in celebration of Women’s History Month, we just had to get more information.

Curated and set to be released by the Australian producer, the project will feature producers from across the world. With the likes of e e v e e, Shunaji and Limbo featured amongst the (many) contributors; the project is looking huge.

Coming up with the tape to help celebrate female producers and increase their visibility, Sadiva told us ‘It was a struggle to find female producers easily and I wanted an outlet to be able to communicate and connect with women who had similar interests to me. Also I wanted to be able to share positive and not so positive stories about our experiences as females in a male dominated industry. Unfortunately it took some smart ass guy's comments on a post looking for female producers for me to meet these amazing women, but this is how the idea came together. I like to turn shitty situations into positive ones where I can’.

As well as curating the tape, Sadiva has also been collecting and sharing the individual’s stories on her Instagram, @sadivaa. Adding: ‘I think it’s important for us women to tell a little bit of a back story about us. Some of us are completely unknown and I wanted to introduce everyone to these amazing women that I have been introduced to. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the women’.

The project will drop for pre-orders on the 23/03 on Bandcamp and Spotify, with physical cassette tapes released alongside it. All proceeds from the tape are going to women’s crises centres in the US and Australia. We will also be airing an exclusive mix from Sadiva in an upcoming Dust Off, so stay tuned for more on this amazing project.

Check out some of the beats here:

Donate to the centres here:



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