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The Crackle: Dust Collectors Launch Audio/Visual Project, DCXV

The Boston based label embarks on a brand new collaborative enterprise.

27th Mar 2019

Innovation is a tough nut to crack. Especially in music.

The true spirit of innovation is a delicate balance between changes to the zeitgeist whilst also respecting the foundations of an art form. True initiative and innovation come when these two factors form the heart of a project. That’s where DCXV comes in.

But what exactly is DCXV? In short it is a collaborative audio/visual project curated and co-ordinated through Dust Collectors. Bringing various producers and audio visual artists. together, the venture revolves around five audio projects with accompanying, innovative visuals. The system is quite unique. A producer is paired with a visual artist to create a ‘Visual LP’ and the result is a truly intertwined audio/visual experience. DC are rolling this out through posts every two days until the whole project is complete with the final audio being on streaming services and video on YouTube.

The goal of this ambitious but exciting project is twofold. Firstly Dust Collectors hope to create a unique platform to do even more for artists. In creating a brand new space and format where real innovation and support takes place, DC is aspiring to raise the profile of not only the individual creative talents, but the genre as a whole. Secondly they aim to elevate the visual aspect of the Lo-Fi scene beyond the typical video palette, whilst still paying homage to the genre’s strong visual past. In a press release Dust Collectors explained more:

‘DCXV aims to revitalise the visual element of Lo-Fi/experimental music with a fresh new take on what the music aims to reflect, while keeping the core elements of nostalgia and other visceral emotions that are evoked by the aesthetic. DCXV’s success will rely on musical AND visual curation to create a unique essence all its own.’ 

Another very important element for DC is to retain the intimacy of the genre. One of Dust Collectors’ Managers, Jeff Shell had this to say about it:

‘In my experience, Lo-Fi is best taken in solitary, reflective moments in which I turn off the world around me and simply am. This was the inspiration for our project bio and entree to each clip, “For You, Only.” This maxim is displayed on the cover of each clip so as to obscure the content beneath it at the beginning of each piece. Additionally, each of the five audio-visual pairings include no indication of artist, credits, or any other descriptors. This confines the experience to the pieces themselves, without any outside influences.’

DCXV kicks off with a collaboration between the producer Leaf Beach and visual artist Abie Amadea, with ‘Old Growth’. An atmospheric blend of audio and video which sets the tone beautifully for the upcoming releases. Check out the first project (as well as stay up to date with all the DCXV news) below.

Follow DCXV on IG and listen to the releases on Spotify.

Experience the first project here:

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