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The Crackle: Eahwee Drops New Visuals

The London producer premieres the video for 'Blackmanisgawd Pt.1/Gawd Connect' exclusively with us.

11th Nov 2018

Eahwee's latest album 'The Black Man Is Gawd, Vol.1' explored some broad themes.

The album is a conscious, afro-centric trip with mind bending sounds and textures on top of incredibly dope drums and the brand new video for 'Blaqmanisgawd Pt.1/Gawd Connect' doesn't disrupt that flow.

Speaking to the London based producer himself , he said the video was constructed by Director/Artist Jffry who explained the visuals as 'a trip inside the mind of Mastery “Gawd”. Flashing images and vivid colors overwhelm you to express the energy and influence from our ancestors before us, to today.'

Check out the full video here:

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