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The Crackle Plays: ’12 Bit Soul’ - Txger Vppercvt

We take a closer look at the Ohioan producer’s latest.

23rd Nov 2018

This week we breakdown Txger Vppercvt’s ’12 Bit Soul’

Txger Vppercvt has had an interesting story so far. After some troubles with the law through his graffiti writing, Txger had a stint in jail. When he came out he needed something to fulfil his creativity but keep him out of trouble. Heavily influenced by Hip Hop and Punk Rock he turned to beatmaking. Crafting his sound through experimentation, trial and error and pure passion.‘12 Bit Soul’ is Txger Vppercvt’s second drop but does this sophomore album capture the sound he has been searching for?

‘12 Bit Soul’ is an exploration of sketches. Sketches are inherently rough and impromptu but also contain all the energy that comes with inspiration. Txger embodies that energy on this project. Following rough ideas into full tracks. No beat lingers longer than it absolutely needs to and theres beauty in that. That first burst of creativity and imagination is apparent in ‘12 Bit Soul’ but is more controlled than freestyle. Txger had this to say about it: ‘My first tape release this year “One for Bukowski” was all over the board In terms of “styles” in my opinion. On this tape I really got comfortable with being away from a DAW and just focusing on making microwave joints on the MPC and SP-303. I put a lot of work and effort into my first record and was kinda nervous in terms of a follow-up to that, but I just let shit fall into place, and this is what came out.’

Another standout feature of ‘12 Bit Soul’ is the use of dust as a sonic tool. Controlled subtlety but with purpose, the mastery of sounds and textures is neigh on perfect. Take ‘BlastOff’. Txger balances a gritty guitar, sparse drums and a full bassline to craft a strong but interesting piece. No one element sounds out of place or over produced. There’s just enough production to allow the sonic depth of the sample to come through whilst still giving Txger the space to add his own funk. This project treats dust and grit as a feature rather than a troublesome imperfection. Taking those bumps in the road and appreciating them as part of the journey. 

This is also a perfect album for wandering and wondering. The mix between old and new is tangible and this creates an atmosphere of familiarity but also intrigue. Between the 90’s Rap snippets and the razor sharp chops, the listener stays interested but the uncluttered production lets you drift off to wherever the music takes you. Theres a nice interplay between contemporary production and nostalgia. The vocal chopped tracks like ‘Changeyourmind’ and ‘Whereibelong’ give you a double dose. Using classic beat making techniques and blending them with effect flourishes and lush background textures. The whole project feels familiar but is unique enough that you get a real sense of Txger’s style, sound and feeling. 

'12 Bit Soul’ is an excellent sophomore effort from a producer who has found his sound. The interplay between dusty atmosphere, contemporary effects and pangs of nostalgic rap vibes is very nicely balanced, with enough of Txger’s own flair to mark it out. Through the almost impromptu productions the listener is able to create their own stories and feelings. This project provides just enough thematic content start your journey but leaves things open enough that you can ascribe your own meaning to the beats. Take a walk, cue this one up and let your imagination just go wherever it may. ‘12 Bit Soul’ is a fantastically solid album. Txger Vppercvt has done a great job of interpreting his own sound and letting the listener, in turn, interpret his.

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Listen to ’12 Bit Soul’ here:

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