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The Crackle Plays: ‘Amalgam’ - goosetaf & G Mills

We deep dive into the two producer’s latest collaborative release

15th Feb 2019

We get into goosetaf’s and G Mills ‘Amalgam’

Both goosetaf and G Mills are masters of their craft but their journey’s vary in some big ways. Goosetaf started producing in college. Progressing from DJing to production through sampling old Jazz records. Eventually he picked up a bit of keys and has been trying to produce all original content since then. G Mills has been a musician his entire life. Starting his production journey in 2012 after being inspired by artists like Flying Lotus, Samiyam and Xperiment. In 2015 he picked up Ableton and since then has been building his craft through collabs and a steady release schedule. The two producer began talking in 2018 (finally meeting in Dec that year). In goosetaf’s words they were ‘both into that wonky, swung out, Jazz vibe’ and ‘Amalgam’ represents their finest collaborative work, but is the album a true blend of their two distinct styles?

‘Amalgam’ is a project full of dreamy soundscapes. The melodics here are delicate and soft but have an amazing atmosphere. Like melodies from the moon, encouraging you to chill amongst the stars and simply float. Goosetaf and G Mills have thought alot about their melodic tones, be they samples or composition. The beauty in that extra thought lies in how each song tells a story whilst still allowing a general feel to permeate the entire album. ‘Elixir’ is one stand out moment in this vein. The subdued but velvet smooth Rhodes persistently drives the the track under skittering percussions. It's sound tempered with minimal (but oh so effective) chord changes and effects. ‘Amalgam’ is rife with these concepts and the two producers shine showing off their melodic steez.  

While the melodies on ‘Amalgam’ are gorgeous, the same attention has been granted to the rhythm. Multi layered drums and percussion that funks underpin the album. The rhythmic textures Goosetaf and G Mills have created are truly special. Adding another layer of beauty to the project. It's not easy to make satisfying and meaningful additions to rhythm but on ‘Amalgam’ it comes as second nature. Tracks like ‘Lemuria’ and ‘Twinkies’ are completely transformed with the subtle use of percussion, off beats and internal rhythm within the drums. The two producers share this passion for multi level rhythmic work. G Mills said ‘I think one reason our styles work well together is our attention to detail. We both like to add tons of layers, which often consist of a plethora of percussion, textures, and ambiences.’ Overall this attention to percussive detail makes ‘Amalgam’ a chilled experience that still bumps.

The most outstanding feature of ‘Amalgam’ is the blend of these talented producers sounds. The magic collab factor can’t be overstated here. In their individual releases; Goosetaf comes with a slightly rawer edge with very funky and interesting drums. Whilst G Mills is a master of those dreamy, atmospheric melodies and lush textures. ‘Amalgam’ represents the unity of their two styles. Goosetaf and G Mills complement each other beautifully and in doing so, have created their own unique, harmonious voice. When speaking to them, Goosetaf said this: ‘Our styles just mesh super well. All of our tracks came together very organically and quickly, which is rare in collabs for me’ G Mills added: ‘Our styles are so similar and cohesive. It’s seamless.’

‘Amalgam’ is a gorgeous release. The dreamy soundscapes are executed perfectly with style. The melodies are interesting while staying chill. The rhythm section is also outstanding. The multilayer drums, percussion and textures creates a lush, unique atmosphere. Whilst the production is dope, the true magic lies in the collaboration at play here. Goosetaf and G Mills play off each other with effortless skill. Complementing each others styles with grace and understanding. As the title suggests this project is a truly gorgeous amalgamation. The two producers ‘voices’ are perfectly in tune, in sync and from that mix; has come something truly beautiful.

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