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The Crackle Plays: ‘elemental resistance’ - sushileaf

Delving into the up and coming producer’s latest project.

12th Apr 2019

This week we get into sushileaf’s ‘elemental resistance’

sushileaf is a relative new producer. Starting his journey in February of 2017 with FL Studio. With no musical background, he began experimenting with the sound and texture which has been become a mainstay of his music. This spirit of experimentation is something sushileaf maintains, saying: ‘I am at a point in my musical journey where I’m actively learning and experimenting with my sound. You might even consider some of these beats as journal entries from my discoveries.’ ‘elemental resistance’ is sushileaf’s third 'collection' of beats produced over the past winter, but how does it fit into this beatsmiths’s developing story? 

At its core ‘elemental resistance’ is headspace music. By this I mean the album sets the scene for the listener to get lost in their thoughts. The beats here are loosely connected rather than a full on, concept driven march to a conclusion. sushileaf leads you on a delicate, tiptoeing journey along the wavelength of cerebral chill. Tracks like ‘dew in the morning’ keep pace but are never rushed. This gives the mind time to wonder but in a deeply relaxed and guided way. 

This energy comes from a very personal place for sushileaf. When explaining the thematics and feeling behind ‘elemental resistance, sushi leaf had this to say: ‘I definitely fight with emotions and anxiety very heavily over the winter months. So if anything, these tracks reflect my scattered feelings through the season. While this may not be a fully fleshed out and thematic project, I still feel it’s a worthy collection as a window into this particular point in my adventure as an artist.’ 

That esoteric feeling of allowing feelings to guide your experience and interpreting them in an artistic way, comes through incredibly strong on this project. You don’t so much listen to ‘elemental resistance’ as get lost in it.

The basis of this headspace is demonstrated perfectly in the tone and timbre if the tunes on ‘elemental resistance’. Wonky, dusty grooves dominate the soundscape but it never feels like a workout to get through. As you fall deeper into the album it becomes all to clear that you’re on skewed trek through a forest of static and unreality. The atmosphere is part and parcel of the experience. Giving us the backdrop and set dressing for a slice of Lo-Fi at its finest. 

When asked his philosophy on atmosphere and tone, sushileaf said this: ‘This is something I strive to play with in most of my pieces. I've spent the last few years enjoying genres like Future Wave, Future Garage, Deep Dubstep and other ambient, textured styles of music. I love to experiment when I'm working on new projects, as it's a great way for me to test the waters and learn new things. I really feel that it's important to build a solid atmosphere in most compositions. Not only can it help fill out the listening field, it also can really add character and texture to a piece. I also find a really creative take on the sounds you place in the background of the mix can do wonders for bringing uniqueness to a track. Whether it’s some playful choices in foley percussion, odd field recordings, or snips of the main sample taking on some intricate reverb in the background, I'm always finding some way to make a track stand out.'

Underpinning the atmosphere and generally chill vibe, is sushileaf’s lowkey but impactful production. The sample selection is impeccable. sushileaf is surgical with his chops but also selects sounds like a sommelier. Handpicking the perfect source material and twisting it perfectly. Take ‘memorizing my icq number’. This track is a beautiful piece of relaxing but trippy music. Combing a pitch bent and fuzzy sample source with sushileaf’s hybrid drum work. The melody is lush and strange. The drums are a blend of breaks and one shots punctuated with an atmospheric balance of dust and sharp cleanliness. ‘elemental resistance’ showcases sushileaf’s production at its best. Warm, delicate and satisfyingly unsettling.

‘elemental resistance’ is a special collection of music. The album creates a palette where the listener can gain real, meaningful headspace. This blank state is poignant considering the album was crafted in an emotionally resonant time for sushileaf. Anchoring the tape around his signature atmospheric sound, sushileaf fleshes out his creation with deep tone and texture. sushileaf’s production skills are in full force here. Exploring the themes and atmosphere of the album in a creative but intelligent way. ‘elemental resistance’ is a project to get lost in. The story of the album can be interpreted however the listener likes. sushileaf guides you through but never overburdens you with a concrete narrative. This is one to totally fall into and let envelop your mental.

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Listen to ‘elemental resistance’ here:

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