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The Crackle Plays: ‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ - deeb

We check out the Dutch producer’s latest album.

10th Nov 2018

This week we get into ‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ by deeb.

Starting his journey in high school with DnB and Trip Hop, deeb began exploring sampling and instrumentation. After dropping his second EP ‘Thru Nature’ the producer met Stan Forebee and those collaborations further enhanced his sound. Following the next few releases he had developed his creative voice but was frustrated with his workflow. After releasing ‘SlowMocean’ on wax, deeb had a complete reset and settled on a new, more freeing workflow. ‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ is his latest drop through Komorebi Records, but how does this album factor into this producer storied catalogue?

Atmosphere is the key word here. The beats feel full, thick and expansive without being overbearing. Whether it’s the smooth opening ‘Title Sequence’ or the midpoint highs of ‘Four Four Time’, the project is oozing character. The full sound spectrum is explored with each band being fleshed out and balanced. deeb masterfully utilises echo, reverb and all manner of space manipulation effects to control the vibe. This confident production style creates an ambient environment for deeb to explore different melodies and rhythms. The perfect foundation for true innovation.

On top of the heaps of atmosphere, deeb also keeps the flow regulated beautifully. This is a short project but feels like a well blended cocktail as opposed to a shot. The songs merge together so seamlessly and creatively the listener could be forgiven for thinking it was a mix. This flow is integral to the atmosphere as well. When you start ‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ you are seduced into staying for the duration and it is well worth the stay.

Melody and rhythm are key components too. The interplay between the two adds such a vibrant musical intrigue to the already lush ambience. Take ‘Aviation’ The sounds and melodies in this gorgeous, floating beat swap and change throughout the track but not abruptly. The strings give way gracefully to a soaring, mournful horn. With the track then closing with a filtered flute outro. The whole song is underpinned by drums that are tight, interesting but inherently funky. With just enough slop to feel human.

While these features may be most prominent in ‘Aviation’ the whole EP is characterised by this style. Tracks are seamless and share traits but also all have an individual character. Standing on their own just fine, but so much richer when taken in context. When asked about finding a balance between individuality and atmosphere deeb said: 'When you’re working on a group of tracks for a project, each and every track has its own main instrument or sample. The one that gives that track it’s individual character. There is also some secondary samples. You can exchange all these samples between projects and treat them differently in every track (foreground / background / filtered / pitched etc). By doing that you'll change the sample's context by giving it a new place in another composition so it sounds different. That means you can keep the tracks individuality whilst building atmosphere.'

‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ is a glorious exploration of texture, sound and melody. The ambience of the project permeates every track and is mastered subtly and deftly. Striking a perfect balance between experimental tonality and cohesive pacing. The melodic and rhythmic strength of the album can’t be underplayed either. All the elements of this brew are essential. There is not one element that dominates but if you were to take a pinch of any ingredient away, the album wouldn’t be the same. With each track’s strong individuality it could be tempting to pick singles out but this is a project to be enjoyed in full. This is a sit down, pour yourself a drink and get lost type of album and one that deserves your full attention. 

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Listen to ‘Jazzclub Atmosphere’ Here:

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