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The Crackle Plays: ‘Seasonal Sounds 005’ - Dust Collectors

We get into the latest addition of the group’s lauded seasonal series.

25th Oct 2018

This week we take a closer look at ‘Seasonal Sounds 005’ from US based collective, Dust Collectors.

Launching last year and rapidly gaining success without sacrificing their integrity, Dust Collectors have been breath of fresh air for the community. Combining the best of a collective and a label, DC have been putting out consistently dope and interesting tunes from their inception. Never shying away from trying something different, their Seasonal Series has been a high point in their release calendar. With the most recent comp the group tackle Fall but how does this latest edition fit into the series so far?

Autumn is most definitely here and this tape provides the most fitting soundtrack. The fireside fuzz juxtaposed with cool breezy melodies score this most changeable of seasons. ‘stars’ is a particular high point in that regard. Taking a beautifully atmospheric sample and creating an easy stroll with it. The ambience, tweaks and drops keep the journey interesting but the overwhelming sense of comfort is just lush. The comp is also unafraid take an experimental view on the season. ‘time//change’ flips the idea of the warmth that you associate with cozying up on a foggy day. Taking that total loss of vision and then bringing it indoors. The wah’d synth lead providing the heat and the heavy bass and filtered drums bringing your focus right in. The season is represented fully, in all its many guise, on this tape.

Dust Collectors have really managed to encapsulate the feelings of Fall on this compilation. The atmosphere of the tracks is balanced perfectly. With not one track overbearing or directing the flow of the album. Each producer is able to shine but the playlist curation, management and placement keep the theme rolling. When speaking to Bretsil (one of the DC managers) he told us that the playlisting process is very organic and comes out of the ether, adding: “We always know the first track and then it just comes to us as we go through the songs. If the tracks are good they will sound good in any order though.” That organic energy pulsates through ‘Seasonal Sounds 005’ with a genuine natural ease.

The temptation with seasonal tapes is to lean too heavily on the obvious emotional connotations of the season. That trap is deftly avoided here. Interspersing cozy beats with more abstract plays on the autumnal theme. Take the transition between ‘elderflower’, ‘fogu’ and ‘arc’. The tracks move from chillingly beautiful to classically lush to experimentally brave but never lose the internal warmth that underpins good Fall feels. Autumn is the season of gradual change. From the late September sunshine to the bare branches of November. The compilation represents this granular change and variety perfectly. This is an album as suited to a snug night in with friends as a cool, brisk walk through the woods. Taking in the golds, browns and reds of Fall along the way.

‘Seasonal Sounds 005’ is a perfect accompaniment to Autumn. The theme is explored in a beautifully subtle way and the album isn’t afraid to experiment with it. The comp manages to take the gradual transition Fall represents and play with it’s core ideas. Never leaning too heavily on one emotion, ‘Seasonal Sounds 005’ creates a varied, organic and overall gorgeous experience for the listener. Play this in any scenario this season and you won’t be disappointed. 

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