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The Crackle: STLNDRMS is all about Love

Introducing producer STLNDRMS in the latest issue of The Crackle.

22nd May 2017

Creator, Curator & Storyteller. STLNDRMS’ Soundcloud bio says it all.

As a vanguard for the underground your position is never solid. The ebb and flow of subterranean music can propel the lucky into legend and break the unlucky in its backwash. Luckily STLNDRMS is riding that wave with smile.

From Atlanta, Georgia, the producer, DJ and master curator has been spreading love and positivity through his BEATS+CHILL Facebook Live show to an impressive 40,000 viewers monthly. No mean feat for the beat scene. With the announcement earlier this year that there could be a rap project on the horizon, we took the chance to kick it with the Bob Ross of Beats.

What is BEATS+CHILL? And when did it get started?

BEATS+CHILL is a biweekly radio show/creation session on FB live. We started almost a year ago. The premise is that we play through the new beats made during the week, then make a beat from scratch during the show.

The format defies expression in a way. The blend of old school hardware and utilizing the modern way we communicate is fresh. Was it a conscious decision to mix these two worlds?

I'd love to say it was... but it's really just the way I make music. The whole multimedia aspect came from me spending some time as a creative consultant and content creator. I'm just trying to use the superpowers for good now haha.

So it was just based on being real?

That's a good way to put it for sure. The whole show is really just me hanging out in my living room, making music. It's super organic. I feel like I'm hanging out with my friends because really that's what it is. The feedback from the audience really drives the whole thing.

Yeah as a viewer you can really feel that familiarity. You describe yourself as curator too on Soundcloud. Does the show ever include beats from other artists? Or is there another outlet for that?

I'm working on that aspect. I want to bring artists into the space so they can interact with the audience the same way as I do. Also so the audience can interact with them. That's the biggest draw for me. The energy exchange is everything.

Does that energy find its way into your music? Like when you are creating music where do you draw inspiration?

Everywhere. From the weather, to the birds, to the family, to the anime I'm watching. It all paints part of the picture for sure.

What about Atlanta? Your sound is markedly different to what most of the world would associate with the city.

It's more alike than it seems. My tempo is usually halftime trap? So I'll be at 65 Bpm and Trap’s at 130. It's the same tempo really I'm just chill with mine haha. The textures I'm using are way warmer. But for sure being in ATL influenced the timing. There’s is a certain wave here you can't ignore.

Let’s talk about the segment of the show when you build a beat. How did that idea come to fruition?

That was the whole show at first. I would just login and create. The warmup session came a bit later on.

Why do you think that inner look resonances with people?

My guess would be that they see themselves in what I'm doing. We're the same. I'm really just a dude making beats just like everybody else tuned in. That's what makes it so dope to me.

Does it present any challenges? As most of your audience know beats rarely come out smoothly from the get go.

It's wild, I feel like I get better records with camera on! I think it's the vibes from the session.

It really is crazy! The beat made on camera is always fire. It's also very cool to see producers in the chat stream being productive with feedback and cross collaboration.

Yeah man it's love. That energy is everything. It's really a collective process. We make the records together, not just me.

That's a beautiful thing man. One of the show's tags is #spreadlove and that's exactly what's happening. In a wider context do you think Hip hop is lacking in love right now?

That's what we're here for. For real, for real. We definitely need more love!

Outside of the show you put together mixes and beat tapes too. You even did one with RADAR Radio here in the UK right? How did that come about?

With that one they reached out to me via Soundcloud. Shout out to Kamillah Rose for that. But yeah I try to make new music daily and release it. Consistency is between goals and success.

That's an interesting thought. How do you mean?

Basically we all win, but you have to stay in the fight until you do. Work overcomes talent every time. Exposure, success, money etc, all comes from being present when the time is right. The only way to do that is to show up daily.

You mentioned earlier this year about a rap project on the horizon. What can you tell us about that?

Ayeee! Yeah man I was a rapper first. Getting back to roots a little is all haha. I only started making beats because I needed something to rap on. I just ended up liking it a ton. I'll most likely be releasing that around my birthday in October.

So content wise is it similar to STLNDRMS beats?

For sure. Definitely in the same sound style etc. My one man version of Gibbs and Madlib or Earl and Knxwledge,

Do you think your rhymes could find a place in a similar format to BEATS+CHILL?

That would be dope! Never thought about that before! I had been free styling a bit at the close of shows, but that was all.

What can we expect form BEATS+CHILL in the rest of the year? Where do you want to take it?

You can expect to start seeing some on location stuff with other artists soon. As well as some format changes and tweaks. Also me and the homies at Controllerise (an ATL based collective) are starting a biweekly set in the city. I'm mega excited about it!

Thank you so much for chilling with us. Where can we follow you and get more BEATS+CHILL?

Thank you for having me fam. You can find me at and on all social media and music sites under STLNDRMS


Listen to STLNDRMS newest mix below:

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