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The Crackle: What does it take to build a scene? We find out with TreeRoot's Kahsun

Meet Kahsun, one half of the team behind TreeRoot Collective and founder of Mind Capsule.

27th Mar 2017

Important to any scene’s growth are groups that share and promote new, ground-breaking music. The TreeRoot Collective is such a group.

From behind the scenes Kahsun (and his partner FroManPro) collate, organise and release artist’s work from around the world. The pair has built a vibrant, diverse group. With acts from the US, Europe and the UK dropping projects with the collective. Hailing from Chicago, the presence of Kahsun can be felt throughout the roots of the organisation and with the launch of his label, Mind Capsule, we took the opportunity to have a candid chat with him about all things TreeRoot and the future

So first of all, what is the TreeRoot Collective?

TreeRoot was started by FroManPro and myself. We wanted to shine light on the talented cats that were not getting the attention they deserve. Basically it's a collective of music makers with a passion to spread positivity through their music by connecting artists around the world, networking and collaborating.

When did you guys get started? What was the spark that set it off?

We started TreeRoot in the summer of 2015 and I would skim Soundcloud to find talented international producers, some that were in America as well, to gauge interest in releasing a compilation of music. My goal was to connect them and inspire those artists to collaborate on a positive level.

That's dope. So it came from a really organic desire to just form connections around the world? Was there any other external factors? Like did you feel the scene was stagnating or did you want to push a specific sound?

Exactly. Also I'm a bit of loner. It's difficult for me to make friends so I really just wanted to connect with other like-minded people. Personally, I felt there were too many groups with a pretentious aura so I wanted to help people spread their music globally. We never really wanted to stick to one genre, sound or style. We are very open-minded.

You mentioned you didn’t like the feel of certain groups out there, but are there any groups or collectives that do inspire TreeRoot?

I really respect G.O.A.T. Beetz, o-nei-ric Tapes and sakei collective. They have an inspiring work ethic and a timeless catalogue of great music and beautiful artwork. Overall though, they are just really nice people.

What would you say the mantra or philosophy of the group is?

Stay humble, be true and sincere. You never what connections you make could branch off into a great opportunity.

What a philosophy! Moving on to your music (because as well as heading this movement you produce too.) Is your sound inspired by the collective and vice versa?

I would say we all inspire each other. We all got different styles and vibes but we're always there to help each other out. As far as my sound goes, I'm always changing. Searching for something that doesn't sound like my last works. Music has helped me immensely. I got these weird things known as social anxiety and chronic depression but when I listen to music or my friend’s music it makes me feel alive. That's a very vague sentiment but it's very spiritual in a sense. Sort of why I started Mind Capsule.

Kahsun's newest venture, Mind Capsule Records

I can see that. Your music has a very therapeutic depth to it. So talking of Mind Capsule how did that come to fruition?

Mind Capsule is actually an idea I had for a few years. I'd say since about fall 2013. I was initially going to glue that name to a film production company my friends and I in Florida were starting, but nothing really came through and I needed to surround myself with more serious artists. So I waited for a more appropriate moment. Now, this year just felt right. So I opened it up.

Do you see it as a natural extension of TreeRoot?

I would agree with that but I encourage artists to experiment with sounds. Not have feelings of doubt when they create something that they think sounds strange.

On that topic, what sort of things are you looking for when releasing a musician’s work? Whether that’s TreeRoot or MindCapsule?

With TreeRoot, we're scoping out artists that produce various styles of hip hop, no judgements. With Mind Capsule, I'm searching for artists that provide various odd avant-garde and ambient styles of beats or other musical works.

Where do you see TreeRoot and Mindcapsule going in 2017?

I would actually like to make Mind Capsule a label that would produce artists’ works on tape and eventually vinyl. Best way to experience music in my opinion. Also, I have been talking with artists (painters, sculptors, etc.) at Columbia College, Chicago about the possibility of creating an event where they showcase their artwork alongside Mind Capsule. There will be music from myself and other producers interested in showcasing their works. It’ll all go towards raising money for ALS. I would also like to provide some visual aspect from Switzon S. Wigfall III, he is really thriving in the visual arts.

Oh wow! That all sounds really cool! What about TreeRoot?

TreeRoot is going on a short hiatus but will most likely be back late in the year. I feel a compilation in late summer might possibly be put together.

Well thank you so much for talking with us! Finally where can we follow You, TreeRoot and look out for more Mindcapsule news?

It has been great as always, bro! You can find me on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook. Search ‘Kahsun’. Same with the TreeRoot Collective and MindCapsule. Just search us on those platforms. I'll be releasing an album soon on MindCapsule so look out for that. Much love man!

Listen to more Kahsun, TreeRoot and MindCapsule below:

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