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The Internet Announces New Album for early 2017

The Internet’s band members announce individual projects and collective album for winter 2016/17.

4th Oct 2016

Credit: Time Magazine

The Internet’s band members announce individual projects and collective album for winter 2016/17.

The group is set to release its fourth album soon, following their popular 2015 release Ego Death. The new album is expected to be released in early 2017. The group is composed of 6 people: Syd, Matt Martians, Steve Lacy, Patrick Paige II, Chris Smith and Jameel Bruner. They announced that they were to begin writing and recording for the new collective project this month in a recent interview with Fader.

Individually, lead singer Syd is set to release her first album, titled Dive. When asked why she chose that name for the album, she said that “ the album is not that deep, but I feel like this is my descent into the depth I want the band to get to”. She has reportedly already penned 14 songs on a track list that is set to feature production credits from the likes of Hit-Boy and MeLo - X.

She stated that the project will have more a pop feel than the RnB / Alternative Soul sound that we have become accustomed to from The Internet. On the surface, you might question her decision to depart from the groups’ admired signature sound. However a deeper knowledge of the artist will reveal that some of the major influences behind Syd’s creative development in her earlier years come from the early 00’s teen era. This includes sounds from the likes of Radio Disney, NSYNC and Britney Spears. So that suggests that the capacity for pop was always there from the lead singer.

Matt Martians is also expected to release an album in the closing months of this year. He is reportedly ready to experiment and play around with the sound on his album, saying that “my shit is very weird and wonky, but it is very core-heavy and melodic. Syd’s is more bouncy, very upbeat. They don’t sound like Internet songs, but they sound like people that are in The Internet”.

Steve Lacy is also working on a project of his own, but has not confirmed when he will release it. All he knows is that it will be a fusion of RnB, rock and funk. When asked about his creative process, he said that he is a “producer artist - a person who makes everything, sings everything, writes everything. I know what I want to hear”.

According to the lead singer Syd, the fact that each of the members are trying to pursue their own projects ‘only elevates the group’. Typically it is a worrying sign if band members have solo ambitions, but for the Internet they think that they are stronger together than apart.

When asked about their next album as a group, they said that they would create it in the same way they created their last project. “We’re going to get into a room with some instruments and we’re going to make shit and come up with mad grooves and record ‘em”.