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The Rise Of The UK Afro Trap Prince JXSE

JXSE gives us an insight into his Afro Trap sound.

15th Jan 2018

Creativity is an energy that flows in all of us, but for artists like JXSE that creativity is on a whole new level.

Let us introduce to you the first French speaking Afro Trap artist from the UK who is pioneering and creatively mastering the blend of Hip-Hop, Afrobreats and Trap reflecting his Ivorian heritage. Hailing from London, JXSE is using his artistic flair to bring Afro-Trap across the world and bringing to light the exciting sound of our generation today. In a recent interview with Milk, JXSE explained what Afro-Trap means to him "It's a mixture of African sounds fused with the new American Trap sounds, a new culture for the youth similarly like Afro Pop and Afro House. It's there to bring excitement and also reflecting the lives we live."

With over 150,000 views on his debut track 'Ronaldinho' we see why the nation and football fanatics across the country can't get enough of him! Before we even hear JXSE on the track the beat automatically activates a part in your brain releasing nothing but feel good vibes and It's physically impossible not to enjoy it. 'Ronaldinho' speaks for itself without any features and JXSE gives us an insight behind the influences of this impressive single, 'This track is the symbolic transition from one path to the next, from football to music. Ronaldinho was the athlete who made me fall in love with football.' JXSE uses this track to speak into existence the success that Ronaldinho had In football, willing the same success he so desires in the music industry.

Currently working on his widely anticipated EP project 'Oni Va Huhh' which is said to be dropping this year, JXSE is wasting no time and has recently released the first installment of his freestyle series called 'Monaco'. Produced by Aydro Beats and Shot by Kirx, we see JXSE once again showing his authenticity and unsurprisingly making another irresistible tune for his fans.

JXSE brings a unique sound and aptitude that surpasses most artists that we hear today and in no time we'll be hearing his music sweeping every music channel there is, but for now indulge in his latest tunes below and tell us what you think:

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