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The Transformation Of Gucci Mane

From Clone rumours to marriage, this man’s change has been monumental.

2nd Nov 2017


Gucci Mane’s wedding was a cause for celebration. It was a celebration not just to congratulate the newly newly-wed couple; it was a celebration that signified a landmark in Gucci's journey from a troubled past to a tranquil present. 

The turbulence of his life did bring the joy of enhancing the Southern rap scene, as he became a global phenomenon, but it saw Gucci descend into unpredictable and reckless behaviour that put his freedom at risk. Gucci was released from prison in 2016 after pleading guilty to possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. But few could have imagined the change that the artist would have undergone in its aftermath. Since his release, he's put his work ethic to great effect, committed to veganism, and married Keyshia Ka'Oir.

1. Got to work hard to secure the bag

Gucci’s work rate is up there with the best of artists where no one can deny or touch his contribution to Hip Hop. The man released so many projects from jail and led the Southern Hip Hop scene behind bars; being the man that who facilitated Migos, Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin and Young Thug to stardom. While his mentees were flourishing with their iconic triplet flow and Guwop’s projects were still receiving love in the streets, Gucci was still incarcerated. However, these were early signs that Gucci was ready to come out punching and hungry to reclaim what was rightfully his. A man who is so hungry on the inside is bound to continue where he left off hence the release, The Return of East Atlanta Santa was received quite favourably by mainstream USA. His Sauce is coming into full flow.

2. A New Life as a Vegan

Gucci’s return back to his loved ones was videoed by his wife. And of course, it became a viral sensation, however, why was the question. Gucci’s return was not an event many of us put into our calendars. Though, the change in lifestyle was beheld to the world. Gucci’s slimmed sleek physique wearing Cartier sunglasses and peckish for some fresh fruit just because it was the lighter option was all over computers and mobile screens. A lifestyle enforced by his wife to improve his focus and decision making in bringing discipline into his life. Many could not believe this was the Gucci we knew of to the point conspiracy theories of a Guwop replacement were rampant within the culture. He thanked veganism for his new figure and toned down lifestyle. Not a surprise as the Hip Hop sphere is becoming more accepting towards veganism with Raury, Jay Z, Russell Simons and his ex protégé Waka Flocka all becoming vegans. But with Gucci it signalled a change from an unhealthy lifestyle diet of lean and other drugs that persuaded him to get an ice cream tattoo on his face; to Guwop focusing his drive into what he does best, music.

3. Every man needs a good woman

The phrase of good man having a good woman behind him is out-dated in today’s society. But please give a lot of credit to Keyshia Ka'Oir. Keyshia gave an insightful perspective when she visited Charlemagne and co. at the Breakfast Club recently. She explained how she couldn’t leave Gucci because he was at his most low and vulnerable. The on-going situation regarding the length of his sentence in 2013 severely affected him for the worst. Behind the scenes, he was crying out to break the cycle and Keyshia Ka'Oir was determined to show the world he had it in him. Her strict discipline, she inherited from her Jamaican upbringing, combined with true love made the man that we see today. It made Guwop to step away from the streets, put down the lean and finally accept the love from a woman who truly believed in him. Keyshia Ka'Oir wasn’t scared of Gucci’s reputation and inclined not to be another yes woman in his life but in fact be the voice of reason and rationality to guide the man to stability. And surely she was dearly rewarded for her ride or die attitude with jewels, the cars, an unforgettable wedding with changed man for the better.

The growth of the Gucci has to be admired and with a wedding where he needed a sword to cut his own wedding cake; Gucci’s sauce is more potent than ever. It proves to us that you can always fight your demons. Big Up Guwop, truly deserved. 

Watch the person who knows him best, Keyshia Ka'Oir, talk about her man's transition in the video below:

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