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The Truth About Danielle Bregoli, How Bout Dah?

Christopher Johnson highlights some important truths about 13 - year old reality star Danielle Bregoli

7th Mar 2017

Image Credit: The Daily Beast

‘Cash me outside, how bouh dah!’ The phrase coined by 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli became the latest internet craze of 2017, after her appearance on Dr Phil at her mother’s request to apparently help improve her daughter’s behaviour, shot her to internet stardom.

Thousands of retweets and memes later, millions of Instagram followers and on top of that a feature in Kodak Black’s new track ‘Everything 1K’ which has racked up over 22 million views, Danielle Bregoli’s catchy phrase has resulted in several media companies being interested in making a reality TV show of the ‘Cash me outside’ star and her mother.

Although I found the video of Miss Bregoli’s behaviour on Dr Phil extremely entertaining at the time, this latest revelation about her success after the show has made me question our society's values and quite frankly my faith in humanity. Why have we made someone who is so disrespectful this famous? Why have we allowed her to have this much success? Growing up my parents instilled in me the value and importance of hard work, and whenever I saw singers, footballers for example or anyone in the public eye that had reached the highest levels of their career, I understood that these people were the best at what they did because of their pure talent and work ethic. However, with the popularity of reality TV our society is in the habit of glorifying people who are only ‘famous’ for behaving badly. There are also deeper underlying issues that people on Twitter are not recognising. Danielle, who has a troubled relationship with her father, issues with bullying and suspension and is clearly at an impressionable age is arguably being exploited for entertainment and a few jokes. She's no angel but we have to remember that she is still just a teenager and will most likely look back and regret her behaviour when she's older; unfortunately her behaviour has been documented for eternity because of the internet.

We cannot blame Danielle Bregoli or her mother for taken advantage of the opportunities that are coming their way because of the aftermath of her daughter’s behaviour on national television. But she is a prime example of the problem our society faces. Our television screens are jam packed with reality TV shows such as the Real Housewives and Love and Hip Hop franchises, where we watch the likes of Nene Leakes throwing shade or the epic fights between Joselyn Sanchez and her off and on again boo Stevie J. These are just a few examples of what is wrong with our society. These people should not have the elevated status, the wealth or the fame that they have accumulated from society, because they perpetuate values that are all our parents teach us not to be like.

We constantly see on TV the values of loyalty, positive friendships and healthy romantic relationships being distorted in front of our eyes, as we see characters whose story lines are filled with complicated love triangles, and epic power battles. Whether people admit or not, we are all influenced by what we see and hear on television, especially the younger generation who are imitating this type of behaviour as these characters become their role models, and people they look up to when solving issues and living their own lives.

There is no solution to this problem and it will most likely get worse. Without being too judgemental, I feel fervently that we are losing our moral social values because of the array of garbage on our television screens. Being principled and being nice are simply not deemed as desirable traits for famous people anymore - controversy controls our world.

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