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The Weeknd drops two tracks simultaneously off ‘Starboy’

The Weeknd continues the rollout for an album that is set to be iconic.

18th Nov 2016

The Weeknd releases ‘Party Monster’ and ‘I Feel it Coming’, as well as a confirmed tracklist.

Already with a top 10 single in the song ‘Starboy’, The Weeknd collaborates with Daft Punk for a second time in hopes of keeping alive the buildup for this upcoming momentous album, 'Starboy'. This time, on 'I Feel It Coming', Abel once again nails everything he handles, and fits in extremely well on the groovy track. Furthermore, Daft Punk shares their vocals, adding greatly to the track and showing an interesting amount of generosity from the veteran duo to the young superstar.

Another big time collaboration to come with this group of releases is Lana Del Ray's writing and vocal contribution on 'Party Monster'. With the hook "Woke up by a girl i don't even know her name", The Weeknd hits 2/2 with another great hook. Though the production on this track isn't as impactful as the previous, the lyrical content takes on a familiar theme, singing about sex, bumping, and grinding, which is exciting to those who have come to expect as much from The Weeknd over the years. As the track fades out, Lana and Abel sing "Paranoid" together, just one more major collaboration under The Weeknd's belt.

Along with the pair of tracks, a complete track listing was posted to The Weeknd's Instagram. According to the picture, we should be in store for an additional 14 songs, including an interlude. So with that being said, get ahead and listen to the four singles out already, and be ready for 'Starboy' when it drops on November 25th.

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