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Learn more about the mysterious rapper who has been beefing with Drake since his release from jail.

31st Mar 2017

Image Credit: Dobinus

The curious case of XXXTentación is one that is likely to have more twists and turns. The Florida rapper who blew up whilst he was incarcerated has celebrated his release from jail.

The controversial rapper who was arrested on assault charges for allegedly attacking his pregnant ex – girlfriend was keen to clear his name and start a fresh after a period of frustration in jail without being able to defend himself.

He’s a striking character, before his release from jail, online you’d only find the same image of him, a menacing mug shot and not much else. This led to his name being shrouded in mystery. He has a few interviews online but he generally keeps quite a low profile for a modern-day Hip Hop artist. His cult like following are always quick to defend him, recently attacking rap superstar Drake for biting his flow on his ‘More Life’ track ‘KMT’ which does sound remarkably similar to XXXTentación’s flow on X’s 2015 smash ‘Look At Me.’ One of X’s fans went as far as mashing up the two tracks to exhibit how similar the flows on the two songs are.

The tension between the two rappers boiled over on Twitter after X made a series of tweets taunting Drake and making disrespectful comments about his mother. We’re unsure whether Drake will respond to these taunts but even X has admitted that Drake is a ‘genius’ and that he respects him as an artist but not as a man. Allegedly, Drake reached out to X’s management to show his respect for him, used X’s flow on his ‘KMT’ track and then pretended as if he has never heard of the 19 year old rapper despite X manager saying otherwise.

An enigmatic figure, XXXTentación is a credible artist in his own right, racking up over 613,000 followers on SoundCloud independently. The rapper’s style is very versatile and ranges from Boom Bap lyrical Hip Hop to borderline Heavy Metal. He claims that he is an artist than cannot be boxed into any genre and likes to keep things exciting for his fans.

What is particularly fascinating is X’s outspoken social views. Though he is no angel, X is keen to call out things that he sees as morally wrong. He has talked about his battles with loneliness and depression; his interest in spirituality and is clearly a very intelligent young man – you notice this quickly when you hear him speak. He also has a generous heart, promising to feed three homeless fans a month now that he is out of jail.

Some have speculated that X will make the XXL 2017 Freshman list which he does deserve. To be able to blow up while in jail with essentially no promotional push is incredible and it is a feat which he thanks his loyal fan base for – he claims his fans kept him alive during his difficult stint in prison. He tells us to expect new music, confirming his plans to drop three solo projects as well as the third volume of his crew’s Members Only series. ‘There’s three projects I’m coming out with: 17, I Need Jesus, Revenge and then there’s gonna be Members Only Volume 3 project,’ X said on Periscope. “Right now, it’s gonna take quite some time. I’m gonna give you guys one song, and I need you guys to be patient.’

Have a listen to X’s first post jail interview and the track ‘Look At Me’ which popularised the cult rapper down below:

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