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From Friends To Foes: Apple vs TIDAL Sparks Ye vs Jay Beef

How two music tech giants could have possibly sparked the most tragic rap beef.

25th Oct 2016

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Live Nation

Its hardly any news that Kanye and Jay Z have been boys since day one, sixteen years to be exact when Jay Z started working with young producer 'Ye for his single 'This Can't Be Life'. Their working relationship developed as Jay went on to make Kanye one of Roc-A-Fella's Senior Producers which lead to the creation of Jay's successful 2001 album 'The Blueprint'. Soon after Ye was signed with the record and the legendary 'The College Dropout' was conceived and ever since the two were paired as an unstoppable duo in the Hip Hop industry.

Soon a business relationship became a close friendship with Kanye often referring to Jay Z as his best friend and "big bro" and Jay's wife Beyoncé as his "Sis" (yes we all remember that 2009 MTV VMA awards controversy which all sparked in Ye's defense of the Queen B )

In 2011 the two finally released their first complete duo album 'Watch The Throne', an album that stood as a huge success for both rappers. Songs such as 'N****s in Paris' took the Hip Hop world by a storm and continues to blast on our radios today... Which is why his recent announcement during his St Pablo tour stop in Houston, Texas on September the 20th stating "there is never going to be a Watch the Throne 2" came at such a shock to the whole industry.

Kanye explained to the crowd his reasoning was based on some major artistic disruption during the making of Drake's hot track, Pop Style. Kanye and Jay had originally signed up to contribute to the track, which they did, however it is widely speculated that Jay's verse was suspiciously short (2 lines short) and perhaps now we finally understand why. According to Mr West, Jay Z had added some dope bars onto the original making of Drake's song but then cut back out of respect of Meek Mill due to his and Drake's infamous beef. However, Kanye claims he offered to mediate that situation out of desire to create a dope track for the fans. According to this specific rant, it turns out that "some political shit" with the profit discussions between Apple and TIDAL was the bottom line issue preventing the track to be created based on the original plans.

Business wise, this makes a lot of sense. TIDAL was established as an artist-owned coalition streaming service with the motivation of creating a fairer artist profit distribution environment that recognizes the worth of music and the artists,. The founding TIDAL artists include Arcade Fire (Win Butler and Regine Chassagne) Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Jack White, Jason Aldean, J. Cole, Kanye West, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna but the main name people think of is co-founder Jay Z. Meanwhile the brilliant success of Drake's 'Views' album and its consequent 1 billion+ streams on Apple has caused quite a stir in the Music Industry with many speculating Apple Music is not only competing as a streaming service but is headed in the direction of competing as a Record Label as well. Therefore, it is a perfectly rational possibility that somewhere along the line there were issues with distribution legalities between the two services that prevented Kanye and Jay Z help Drake release the product they had initially planned for. Knowing Kanye's dedication to the fans and tendency to become somewhat irrational when things don't go his way, this could have indeed resulted in tension between the Jay and 'Ye.

However, we can not simply palm this entire dispute off to the Apple vs. Tidal corporate battle. As the rant continued 'Ye showed his pain was not just due to business disputes but also personal wounds. He brought it to the crowd's attention that Jay Z was no longer behaving like " a brother" as their children, Blue Ivy Carter and North West have never played together and furthermore Kanye was hurt by Jay Z's choice to only reach out by phone call and not actually visit after Kanye's famous TV personality wife, Kim Kardashian West's, unfortunate multi million dollar armed robbery in Paris earlier this month: “Don’t call me after the robbery and say, ‘How you feelin’?’ You wanna know how I’m feelin’? Come by the house . . . Bring the kids by the house like we brothers . . . Our kids ain’t never even played together".

It seems these personal tensions have been building up since 2012 when Kanye and Kim began dating as the two rappers become notably distant, especially as Jay Z and Beyoncé failed to attend Kanye and Kim's 2014 wedding. Many theories have been put out into the cyber world that this is due to Kim's close friendship with Rachel Roy, AKA Becky with the Good Hair, (Jay Z's rumored former mistress).

However, whatever the reason the history between these two amazing rappers is too valuable to let go and we hope they can patch things up and create us some more amazing music.

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