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Our Top Festival Picks for Winter

Don't know what festival to go to? Here's something that probably won't help, but might do.

9th Nov 2018

Danny North

If you fancy going to a festival in the coming months and don't know where to go, then potentially this list will help. Realistically you should do your own research but I have picked out some festivals that I like and if you are like me, of which you have no idea if you are, then you will most likely enjoy these recommendations.


Festival 1: 

Polaris Festival, 29th November - 2nd December, Switzerland. 

Lineup includes - Ben UFO, Laurent Garnier, Dixon, Hunee, Nina Kraviz

I love skiing. I also love music. Here you can do both with a view. Enjoy.

Festival 2: 

Magnetic Fields, 14th-16th December, India.

Lineup includes - Bicep, dBridge, Joy Orbison, DJ EZ, Denis Sulta.

This is how the alsisarmahal webiste descrbes the venue “A spectacular world of fascinating hand painted havelis (mansions), the entire town painted with legendary stories; Shekhawati embraces the semi arid village of Alsisar within itself. Situated 23 Km’s from Shekhawati’s district head quarter -‘Jhunjhunu’, Alsisar is more exceptional for the array of colors it garners deep inside the heart of its rustic desert.” 

There is a festival here. It looks incredible. 

Festival 3: 

Subsonic, 30th November - 2nd December, Australia. 

Some of the Lineup - Raresh, Jayda G, Honey Dijon, Batu, Move D.

This is the first out of the next 3 festivals where the ‘if you’re like me’ part in the first paragraph doesn’t count as I live in the UK and can’t fly across the world as I need to work. However if you have the chance to, then Subsonic is defo one to seriously consider. If you like the description of magical then this is how its described. It’s also summer in AUS at the moment, so it's hot.

Festival 4:

Strawberry Fields, 16th November - 18th November, Australia.

Found these names on the Lineup - DJ Nobu, Carl Craig, Move D, Orpheu the wizard, DJ Seinfeld.

This festival is next week, so unless you're in the area you probably won’t be going. But you could go next year I guess. My Australian mates keep on banging on about this festival. There is 100% a reason for this. Big community, great dress sense. If you fancy listening to some great music in an idyllic venue, surrounded by crazy fun Australians then both you and I will enjoy for sure.

Festival 5:

ALTN8, 24th November, Hong Kong.

Lineup Includes: Roman Flugel, Extrawelt, Jacques Green, Leon Vynehall.

A one day festival taking place in former Police Married Quarters. I enjoy Irony. Surrounded by a grade III listed building and the old Hollywood Road, this creative arts and design space is very cool, you’ll enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by creativity and it will be an experience like no other. One for the list for sure.

Good luck on your adventures this winter and remember to wear layers. It can get cold out there.

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