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Tory Lanez Announces Chixtape 4 and The New Toronto 2

The rapper aims to stake his claim at Toronto's No. 1

24th Dec 2016

Credit: Metrolyrics

Tory Lanez had a strong 2016

He released his debut album 'I Told You in August'. The album debuted in a top 5 position on the Billboard 200 chart. Moreover, he secured a number 1 single on the radio with his dancehall inspired tune 'Luv' and since the release of his 2015 single 'Say It', the rapper's popularity has gone from strength to strength. Now he is looking to dominate 2017 from day one by releasing not one, but two projects. The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4. In a parallel move to December 2015 when he also released two projects, it is likely that Lanez will go rap heavy in one mixtape and RnB heavy in the other. We will have to see.

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