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Train Like A Champion: Inside Anthony Joshua’s Workout Regime

Here are some tips to get seriously ripped.

23rd Oct 2017 / 8 shares

Image Credit: Beats

It’s clear for all to see that Anthony Joshua has stolen the hearts of our generation.

Some six years ago, Anthony Joshua was just a lad from Watford - albeit with a bit of boxing talent. Working his way up the field, Joshua took Gold at the London 2012 Olympics, before beating Dillan Whyte some half-decade after the reverse result. After winning his first world title in 2015, stars lined up to take Joshua on. One by one, each one of them fell.

Then came, perhaps, the most worthy contender. 41 year old Wladmir Klitschko was an undisputed legend of the sport. Surely he could surely bring the rising star back to Earth? It seemed not - as the Ukranian himself hit the dirt twice in the fierce duel, retiring in its wake.

He had been outdone by Anthony Joshua, a man proving to be one of the best athletes in his time. Genetics and mentality aside, such a string of feats can only come from a core base of formidable training.

In an interview with Men's Health, Joshua noted: ‘Boxing is such a cardio-related sport, which means speed comes in time, but I think you always find your natural weight when training. A lot of these heavyweights are naturally big and powerful and it’s our job to just stay conditioned for speed.’ As such, Joshua dedicates a lot of his strength training success to bodyweight resistance training - though looking at him, you'd think he hits the weights fairly often. While the former provides the relative strength and aesthetics the Brit desires, the latter - in the form of squats, trap bar dead lifts and leg pressing - adds a spring to the step and more power in the punch.

1. Watch AJ's first Training Regime

2. Watch AJ's second Training Regime

As you can see, Joshua puts the utmost important on the glutes - these, in conjunction with the hip flexors, is what puts on extra power to a punch.

3. Watch AJ's third Training Regime

Outside of conventional strength, the 28 year old's tendency to train on sand - a technique used by footballers in Latin America - is a boon to his speed round the ring.

Timing wise, after cardio intervals lasting 40 minutes, Joshua spends around two hours in the gym - and of course, this is all before sport specific training. For anyone who's spent some time in an amateur boxing gym, you'd know that boxing is one of the most intense cardio sessions a person will go through. Joshua noted to ESPN: "So in sparring, we were doing 15 rounds sparring and it's not like it was a slow pace. I am sparring with amateurs, sparring with pros.

‘They [his sparring partners] are rotating. They are coming in fresh.’

How does 'Femi' fuel all this activity? He told Men's Health, ‘Nutrition-wise it’s very simple. I’m eating loads of spinach and broccoli, your meats like the chicken and fish and so on that’s giving you all the protein, and then rice and potatoes.’

Well, there's that then. Train like a madman, eat clean, sprinkle in a heap of mental strength and genetic prowess, and you have Anthony Joshua.

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