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Trey Songz Releases Melodic Version Of 'Come And See Me'

Mr Steal Yo Girl is back with a new track but does it beat the original?

5th Jan 2017

Trey Songz has been in the headlines for a few days now since his recent tantrum on stage in Detroit after his mic was cut, but now it seems that his head is in the right place.

He has recently released his version of PARTYNEXTDOOR's song 'Come & See Me' featuring MikexAngel.

It's not the first time Trey Songz and Virginia's finest MikexAngel have teamed up for a beautiful track, if you remember back in May 2016 they collaborated on a Trap influenced track called 'Look What I Did', which is still a dope artistic tune to this day.

But the "Come & See Me," remix brings a different type of feel and with Trey's vocals it leaves you in a world of awe and relaxation. Flowing with seduction and amorous lyrics you already know that it's infused with the signature moans of Trey, while MikexAngel brings his angelic voice to add more sexual substance.

Mr Steal Your Girl is planning to release a new album this year named 'Tremaine' and he has solid plans for how he wants his album to be taken in by his fans and in a recent interview with 106 KMEL's Big Von and Row he said:"I got a very much distinctive vision for how I want it to be taken in. The visuals, the audio, the pictures, everything. It's a plan for it. I think that nowadays music is so like fast food, in content in general...Everybody takes everything in so fast... so I want to figure out how to hold people’s attention.”

Trey Songz is definitely ready to make 2017 his year and he even surprised fans with a New Year's drop with Fabolous titled 'Trappy New Years!

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