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Trump Inaugurated, Young Thug's Antics and Marching Women

A quick and easy round up of the all highlights of culture

22nd Jan 2017

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Moment of The Week: Donald Trump becomes POTUS

Donald Trump was officially inaugurated as President of the USA on Friday 20th January. We said goodbye to the Obamas and hello to a man who has caused one of the greatest shocks in political history. Despite worldwide protests with some turning violent, it was a relatively smooth transition of power (a lot worse has happened in the past). There was a big build up to who would be performing at the inauguration, an event which reportedly cost over $100m and also controversy over who would be performing and disputes over how many people attended – Trump claims the media underestimated the numbers and made it one of his first jobs as President to address this. On a brighter note, the papers were very complimentary of the new First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion sense and are already likening her to Jackie Kennedy – interesting times ahead!

Video Of The Week: ‘Wyclef Jean’ – Young Thug

Eccentric would be a very good word for describing Young Thug but this week the rapper stepped it up a notch with the release of one of the most bizarre music videos to never take place. The Atlanta rapper sent shock waves around social media for the release of a video in which he failed to turn up to the set. The creative genius essentially showed fans in the video how things were supposed to go, sporting unique concepts and hilarious commentary used by co – director Ryan Staake. We’re still confused as to whether this is real or a joke, you decide:

Album Of The Week: Yesterday’s Gone – Loyle Carner

South London rapper Loyle Carner is someone we’ve always supported here at Keakie. His confessional hard hitting lyrics rhymed over jazzy instrumentals has always made him unique in the UK Hip Hop scene. At just 21, he has already supported international stars like Nas and Joey BadA$$. If you’re looking for a unique sound and raw talent we would definitely recommend listening to his album above. Standout tracks include ‘Isle of Arran,’ ‘Damesfly’ and ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed.’

Protest of The Week

This week marked an important week for women across the globe. Following the election of Trump and some of the derrogatory comments he’s made about women, millions of women from across the world were united in solidarity against sexism through ‘sister marches’ in their communities. A lot of women were holding posters with some of the misogynistic comments Trump has made during his campaign. The most prominent protest was the women’s march in Washington DC which included performances from prominent female leaders in the Hip Hop community such as Alicia Keys and Janelle Monae. Relive the powerful moments through the shots below.

Winners and Losers

This week’s winner: Donald Trump – No matter what you think of him, what he has managed to accomplish has been astonishing; it is the biggest political upset ever. Let’s just hope he tones down the divisive rhetoric now that’s he’s got the top job. He must do what it takes to unite America; a country he played a huge part in dividing. One thing that is guaranteed is that he will always be under intense scrutiny – how he manages, only time will tell.

This week’s loser: Theresa May – In contrast to the populist anti – establishment embodiment that is Donald Trump, Theresa May had a rather difficult week playing politics. Despite what was a great speech at the World Economic Forum earlier on in the week and a bold move to announce that the UK would be leaving the European single market, she was unfortunately caught out on domestic policy, failing to confirm whether she knew there was a failed Trident missile test in Florida before parliament held a vote about it – the saga continues.

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