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UK MC Lady Leshurr drops 'Queen Speech 6'

The Birmingham rapper dropped a Halloween Themed freestyle in her latest edition of the Queen Speech

1st Nov 2016

Cheeky, witty, yet supremely talented - Lady Leshurr is an artist who has gained notable recognition this year for her compelling freestyles and unapologetically British style. A native of Birmingham where she proudly represents, the UK MC released the latest edition in her ‘Queen Speech’ freestyle series. Her clever yet comical bars from previous editions of her ‘Queen Speech’ series raised a few eyebrows for its rather cheeky punchlines but the UK MC has stepped the bar up once again with a fair few hilarious references to the likes of ‘wasteman Donald Trump,’ Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’ and girls who love pot noodles too much. A tasteful reference to contemporary pop culture, this freestyle was certainly a treat on Halloween Night.

Queen Speech 6

Filmed underground in gloomy Greenwich tunnel and released on the night of Halloween, the three-minute clip certainly has a spooky feel to it. Leshurr cleverly references the Halloween theme through her sexy superwoman costume as well as through the visuals effects during the clip (bats can be seen flying around the screen as the rapper animates). If you didn’t get the message that this was a Halloween themed freestyle at first, you certainly do as she playfully exhibits the fact its Halloween through her catchy chorus in which she repeatedly sings the phrase ‘Emoji Face, that’s Spooky’. The bouncy bars of the track are hard hitting and feel very current. Leshurr rhymes: ‘Take shots, I'll photobomb/Don't make me have to phone your mum/I'm outside trying to find reception/You're there trying to find a Pokemon.’ Clearly a cheeky reference to the viral game ‘Pokemon Go’ which dominated headlines in Summer 2016. The light hearted track is certainly one fans can sing along to and has some memorable bars definitely worth reciting.

After weeks of teasing promotion for the freestyle on her Twitter, the reaction to the track has been positive – her fans were very impressed after having to wait ten months since the release of ‘Queen Speech 5’ which amassed over fifteen million views on YouTube. One fan said on Youtube: ‘YESSSSSS I LITERALLY CANCELLED MY PLANS WHEN I SAW THAT THIS HAD BEEN UPLOADED SLAY.’

Lady Leshurr – The Girl from BrumTown

Despite the confident persona displayed in the track, Lady Leshurr appears very humble and down to earth. She has come a long way since her first SBTV freestyle in 2010 which made rap fans in the UK take notice of her talents. Fresh and a new face on the scene back then, Leshurr has pressed on now and has established herself as not only one of the most prolific female MCs in the game but one of the most consistent UK MCs overall. Perhaps what is most unique about her is that she clearly appreciates the nature of her fan base. Many of her fans are young social media aficionados which she makes a lot of references to in her tracks. She connects with her young audience regularly on social media, whether that be through comical snapchat posts on the toilet seat (seriously) or through replying to her fans consistently on all platforms. Leshurr has spoken in the past of seeing herself as a role model and likes to keep her lyrics clean, proudly advocating that she does not swear in her music.

If that wasn’t exemplary enough, the 27-year-old recently released a video with ‘Represent’ for the NHS ‘Give Blood’ campaign, encouraging more Black and Asian people to donate blood. Currently in the UK, only 3% of donors are of a Black or Asian background. The powerful clip features some of the best Black British talent such as the likes of Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams as the MC raps inspirational words encouraging listeners to donate blood. Check it out below:

Leshurr is an example of a woman on the rise. Current, socially conscious and true to herself, we’re excited to see what the future holds for the talented Brit who is playful yet socially conscious. She’s up for the MOBO award for the ‘Best Female Act’ so be sure to vote for her. Happy Halloween and check out ‘Queen Speech 6’ below:

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