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Vashtie celebrates Aaliyah, FKA Twigs and Sade's birthday with mix

The #ONE16GOAT pays homage to the iconic Sade, Kate Moss, Aaliyah and FKA Twigs

16th Jan 2017

January 16 is a day of iconic birthdays

Aaliyah, Sade, Kate Moss and FKA Twigs were all born on the 16th of January, so New Yorks' Vashtie paid tribute to the legends with a new mix called #ONE16GOAT. The mix is largely comprised of Aaliyah and Sade tracks, but it also includes The Neptunes's remix of "By Your Side," and an Aaliyah/FKA twigs mash-up.

She wrote: "January 16th is the birthday of Sade, Kate Moss, Aaliyah & FKA Twigs. In honor of these influential and iconic Capricorn women, I wanted to celebrate their lives through a special mix created by me." Listen to the #ONE16GOAT mix above.

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