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Vic Mensa releases 'The Manuscript'

Vic Mensa has released a four track long “detailed story” album.

9th Jun 2017

Image Credit: Phoenix New Times

Vic Mensa has released ‘The Manuscript’, the follow-up to last year’s ‘There’s A lot Going On’ EP. The four track release, which he’s calling a “capsule”, features appearances from Pusha T and Mr Hudson. Production credits roll in from the likes of Pharrell, Malik Yusef and No I.D.

Mensa shared some details around the EP in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. We’ve included an excerpt of the interview below:

What is this project?

I'm calling it a "capsule." It's called The Manuscript. It's an introduction to my album which is coming this summer, release date pending. Very soon. Four records.

Why did you choose these four songs for The Manuscript – and what can you say about making them?

I've really been in the process of writing [the] album for some time. It's a journey it takes you on as a listener, it's a story. A very detailed story that's all very interconnected. One of these records is called "Rolling Like a Stoner," it's a part of that story. Another one, ["OMG"], Pharrell and Pusha T, it's just a dope-ass rap song. It's not necessarily a part of that narrative. I did that … for an introduction into my process. I didn't want to be in your traditional label format game – single, single, album. … Not one song fully encapsulates [the album]. So I wanted to present my album as a full album and thank my fans for being there and let 'em know it's coming in my own way.

On your last project, There's a Lot Going On, it seemed like you had a lot to get off your chest. Is that emotional aspect of your work still in play here?

I would say There's a Lot Going On is cut from the cloth of the album. I was making this album last year when I made that. I've been making this album for about a year. … That storytelling came so naturally to me, and that vulnerability was just so no-holds-barred, because that was my entire process for this album.

What do you think needs to be said? Have you been following what's going on the world while you work on this?

I've been completely off social media for a year. There were a couple times I would come on and talk about something I thought was important briefly. As far as being present and scrolling, I've been off social media 100%. I don't even have Twitter and Instagram on my phone. I do stay in tune with current events and what's happening in the world, because all of that influences me and what I think needs to be said right now. I feel like we're in a point in time on this earth when honesty is paramount. Honesty is key. And there's so little honesty and so little to believe in, so making this album my criterion was that I say things that are honest and that I believe in wholeheartedly. ... Does this song speak specifically to a key pillar of my life or my experiences? If the answer was "yes" then it's on the album. … There's reality in everything. But the capsule has a couple more energies – some more brolic energy, and it has more introspective and it has more lyrical. There's a lot of different things on there even though it's a compact project. I'm excited for people to be able to live with it.

Vic Mensa's Manuscript

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