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We caught up with Tion Wayne ahead of his latest track

We spoke exclusively to the Lavish Living star in the lead up to his latest music

8th Mar 2017

Credit: Instagram

Following his recent track Lavish Living, we caught up with rising artist Tion Wayne for a candid converation. Watch the video for the track here:

At the end of 'Lavish Living', you paid a touching tribute to Joshua Curtis Broni at the end of the song. Could you speak about that?

He was a good young friend of mine who lost his life recently. As you know, the song is called Lavish Living. He used to love that song. I wasn't going to do a video for the song originally, but when he passed away I decided I was going to do a video. I made sure when I did - that the video was produced as he would have liked it. So we kept it lavish. When I dropped it, it felt like a tribute from me to him.

That's a very personal way of making music. Are you typically making songs that have an additional meaning for yourself?

I always try to enjoy it. I need to think about what the public thinks - but at the same time I try to do what I enjoy. The things you see me do in my videos, you see them because its an expression of me having a great time. When I start planning larger videos and get them directed properly - you'll still see that element of me in them.

What do you think of UK music right now?

I think it’s sick. In our era - everyone who's popping right now has their own unique lane. Even if people are in similar lanes, they have their distinct features. Even more important right now is that people all around the world are really appreciating and following our music. In that way it's really changed from the old days. Anyone that starts music in the UK right now has got a chance. It’s in a good place.

What should the public think when they hear your name?


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