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Whitney Mcclain's 'Bombs Away' Remix Is A House Fanatic

'Bombs Away' is one of those tracks that you can't help but bump your head to

3rd Feb 2017

Image Credit: Whitney McClain

'Bombs Away' was already a hit surpassing 1 million views on Youtube but now the remix has added a funky house element to the track and turnt it into a holiday banger!

Remixed by the UK's Nutty P, the re-work offers a feel good sound complimented with a bumping bass and two step house vibe guaranteed to get anyone moving. Whitney’s inviting vocals, sparse piano keys and distinctive, humming synthesizers, a palatable juxtaposition to song’s message of heartache.

“All ya gonna do is hurt me / I stick around like I deserve it / But you know that I don’t / Treasure me like Bruno.”

Whitney explains that she hopes her fans get the best out of her music and get to know her for her, “I want people to know that I’m real,” she says. “I want the music to be relatable to them and to be therapeutic the way other artists have been for me. I just want to share my story and hopefully, it helps with other people.”

“Bombs Away” is the first release from Whitney’s debut EP, Nothing to Lose, executive produced by her uncle and manager Marlon McClain, who is also the former leader and guitarist for fusion band Pleasure. The title of the forthcoming Gold Dust LLC release is a testament to her decision to fully commit to her music.

If you love house then this tune is dedicated to you

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