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Why Loyle Carner is the artist to watch in 2017

With his debut album release in January, this is set to be Loyle Carner's year

31st Dec 2016

Credit: Notion Magazine


South London has been at the heart of the grime genre for a few years, with artists incorporating hard lyrics and beats to create tracks that are not only relatable, but consistent with the hard-hitting genre.

However, up and coming rapper Benjamin Coyle-Larner (better known as Loyle Carner) has used poetry to broadcast a new sound to the masses. Enhancing the flow, he has been known to incorporate raw, heartfelt lyrics regarding personal experience alongside old-school jazz instrumentals, making him one to watch in 2017. After graduating from the Drama/Theatre strand at The BRIT School, with alumni including Adele, Amy Winehouse and me (Not sure if I fit appropriately into that list), it’s clear that his creativity has not always only been limited to music. However, classmate at BRIT, King Krule set Ben up with his first gig opening for MF Doom in 2014, and he’s been changing the game ever since.

At only 21 years old, Ben has not been one to shy away from expressing his feelings with a wide audience, allowing fans to connect with his music, and in a sense, experience a variety of different emotions through the sentimental lyrics. Alongside this, Ben has frequently used his family as the basis of his poetic raps, talking of the death of his step-dad in February 2014, and the close bond he has with his supportive mother. His self-directed music videos regularly incorporate this family bond, and help to build the picture of the family-orientated, inspiring, and creative young man he seems to be. Debut single ‘Tierney Terrace’ is a prime example of this; with emotional wordplay indicating the struggle of a family coping with a loss, and the beautiful visuals directed by Ben in his family home, he’s established his role in the industry as an artist with an inspiring message to all those suffering and coping with loss.

Describing ADHD as his superpower, British rapper Loyle Carner has used his well-deserved spotlight for the good of others. Founding ‘Chilli Con Carner’, a cookery course in aid of 14-16 year old teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), he has used his passion for cooking and past experiences to aid the younger generation into following their dreams, regardless of any minor setbacks. After speaking of feeling isolated in school as a result of his ADHD, Ben has decided to take a hands-on role in ensuring that other young adults use their creativity to delve into something they love- and it’s truly inspiring.

Despite negative perceptions and views on ADHD emitted throughout our society, Ben has challenged stereotypes and used his platform to show a farther community of the positives, and the creativity those with ADHD have to offer. Students at The Cooking School have been given the opportunity to express themselves, and have been supplied with a platform to show the world just how important it is to stay true to your dreams and aspirations regardless of any negatives that could have retained you from doing so.

Ben launched ‘Chilli Con Carner” in August 2016 at Dalston Roof park with a BBQ, prepared and hosted by the young chefs, with all proceeds made going into the next phase of the cooking school. Chilli Con Carner then went on to team up with ASOS to throw a Caribbean Christmas party celebrating the launch of the Cooking School.

Loyle Carner’s Debut Album “Yesterday’s Gone” will be released on January 20th, and is bound to pave the way for 2017. Amplifying all feelings he’s been told to repress, Ben is not one to shy away from expressing his emotions, and wearing his heart on his sleeve; and this is definitely fuelling my high expectations for the album. With Chilli Con Carner launching so successfully last year, 2017 is going to be full of more inspiring classes and events, and hopefully will see his dreams of his work becoming a registered charity forming into a reality. Keep a look out for more Loyle Carner in 2017.